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What happened to taxi companies during lockdown?

2nd November 2020 Print

Lockdown has had a devastating effect on a whole host of industries, with the taxi and private car hire sector being one such industry that’s been hit hard. When lockdown first began, taxi companies up and down the country saw huge blows to their businesses.

Whether it was a case of more people working from home than ever before and not needing to commute or people simply shunning public transport in fear; the amount of customers calling upon taxi services and private hire companies was at an all time low.

Despite this incredible drop in custom, there were numerous companies, Woking Taxi included, who did their utmost to adjust their services accordingly. This was not only to help keep the reduced custom they had but to also provide a very much needed service during some very difficult times.

How Did Taxi Services Adjust 

Adjustments were all in the name of safety as taxi companies such as Woking Taxi did all they could to make their services as safe as possible for multiple customers throughout the day. Let’s not forget that despite some very troubling times, taxis were still being called upon for those who needed to make essential shopping trips to grocery shops and other essential stores. 

To make their vehicles safer, Woking Taxi and others insisted on plastic partitions between drivers and customers. On top of this, they also insisted that customers use anti bacterial hand gel before and after using their vehicles as well as masks, as would all drivers. 

Between customers, vehicles were (and still are) being sanitised to ensure a clean and safe environment for both customer and drivers. Due to their extra steps, taxi services began to see an increase (albeit a slow one) in their use and are still very much seeing a gradual increase in their use.

Private Car Hire Companies Actually Became A safe Method Of Travel

Should this really come as a surprise however, especially when you look at other modes of public transport, which simply cannot offer the same level of safety. Form trains to buses, the ability to sanitise seating and touch points is almost impossible. Then take into consideration the amount of people who enter and exit a bus or train cabin within one single hour and the ability to pass on COVID-19 becomes extremely high.

With private car hire however, one single person or ‘bubble’ may use that vehicle at any one time. With the help of sanitation, thorough cleaning and mask wearing between each journey, it becomes a much safer environment, thus making it no surprise that taxi hire is beginning to rise, especially as more people return to work, school, college and university.

Contact Woking Taxi Today 

While the taxi service was initially brought to its knees, its ability to adapt and overcome has seen it shift into a much needed service, providing safe and reliable transport up and down the country. If you’d like to utilise a safe public transport service during these very uncertain times and of course beyond, we recommend contacting Woking Taxi Services. From corporate travel to airport taxi journeys and your regular commute, Woking Taxi have you covered. Call today on 01483 310 164.