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When will Americans be allowed to travel to italy again?

24th November 2020 Print

Americans are in love with Italy and can’t wait to go back there. From the romantic landscapes to some of the world’s best food and cultural attractions, U.S. citizens have good reasons for putting Italy on the list of their favorite holiday destinations.

And Italy surely loves its tourists. Together with the rest of the Schengen countries, the Italian government will soon launch the ETIAS Europe program, a fully online travel authorization system to enter Italy and the Schengen Area without a visa. It is meant to make visa-free trips easier and safer.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to international travel in several regions of the world, including Europe. Due to the travel ban announced in March 2020, American passengers have been unable to enter EU countries (including Italy) for several months, with some limited exceptions.

In this post, you’ll learn about the European travel restrictions for U.S. holidaymakers, who can go to Italy and how, and an estimation of when it will be possible to travel to the Bel Paese again.

Can Americans Travel to Italy Now?

Unfortunately, for most people, the answer is No. At the moment, the vast majority of U.S. passengers will not be allowed into Italy. Having become a national emergency for a high number of European countries, COVID-19 forced the EU to close its external borders in an attempt to prevent the disease from spreading further. 

Italy has been one of the worst-hit countries in the area (both in its health and economic systems) and has been able to partially recover thanks to the strict lockdown and travel restrictions that have been in place for months.

When Will Americans Be Let into Italy Again?

At the moment, both Italy (and more in general, the European area) and the U.S. are heavily affected by the pandemic. Until the number of cases decreases dramatically and the situation is again under control, it’s hard to say when regular travel between Italy and the United States will resume. The discovery and approval of a safe and effective vaccine will speed up the process.

Until then, travel restrictions are likely to remain in place to ensure the safety of Italian and American citizens alike. Even if you are exempt from the ban, please consider whether your trip is necessary and worth the risk involved with flying and international travel.

How the Italian Travel Ban Works

The European travel restrictions for non-European passengers came into effect on the 17th of March 2020. Originally, they were intended to last 30 days but they were then extended until July 1, 2020. For a time, regular travel between EU member states was also suspended.

During this period, third-country tourists were not allowed into European countries and exceptions to the travel ban were very limited (for example, European nationals returning home or individuals who needed to travel urgently or to contribute to the efforts against the pandemic.)

In July, Europe published a list of countries whose travelers were allowed to enter the continent again. These passengers can visit Europe for reasons like business and tourism. The list was intended to be regularly updated depending on the development of the pandemic. 

The list was reduced from 14 to 10 eligible nations in August and hasn’t been modified ever since.

U.S. holidaymakers never made it into the list due to the high number of infections reported across the country. Should the situation improve, they may be put on the list and allowed to visit Europe and Italy again.

Are There Exceptions to the Italian Travel Ban from the U.S.?

Yes, some people are exceptionally allowed to enter Italy even though the travel ban is still in effect. Please note that these are not regular tourists and should you wish to spend your holidays in Italy, you are unlikely to be let into the country at this moment.

Exceptions to the travel ban include:

- Italian and EU citizens and permanent residents returning home from the U.S.

- Health care professionals

- Diplomatic personnel

- Seasonal agricultural workers

- Transit passengers en-route to a final destination outside of Europe

Countries that Are Eligible for European Travel

At the moment, the following non-EU travelers can make their way to Italy and the rest of the European Union:

- Australia

- Canada

- Georgia

- Japan

- New Zealand

- Rwanda

- South Korea

- Thailand

- Tunisia

- Uruguay

Depending on their specific circumstances, the amount of time they spent there, and visa requirements, some Americans coming from the above nations may be allowed into Italy.

Please note that the list may be updated at any time and with short notice since this is an ongoing situation. Americans should keep up to date with the latest developments.

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