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Increasing your productivity as a freelancer. 4 ways it can be done

16th December 2020 Print

As a freelancer, you get to spend your time doing the things you love. It's challenging at times, but ultimately, you're sharing your talents with those who need them and probably enjoying yourself in the process. Many freelancers would argue this kind of work brings them more joy than a traditional working environment ever could. 

However, despite the flexibility and the joy that comes with being your own boss, it's all too easy to become distracted and lose your freelance focus. Often, the most difficult part of being a freelancer is finding motivation and not allowing yourself to become preoccupied with other tasks, your smartphone and all the other distractions in your home. If you're not careful, your productivity takes a hit and before you know it, you're missing deadlines and drowning in a sea of unpaid invoices and admin.

So, what's the solution? Read on to discover 4 ways you can increase your productivity as a freelancer. 

Consider time tracking software

Do you ever wonder why certain tasks are taking you so long? Or how you're spending most of your time? By monitoring your productivity with time tracking software from Freshbooks you'll get up-to-the-minute time tracking and a full breakdown of your working hours. This means you'll be able to pinpoint where you can make improvements to streamline your efficiency and where you're doing well. 

If you're someone who charges clients per hour or on a pre-arranged time-based cost, then you and your client will benefit from accurate recordings and instant invoice creation. It's a simple and effective way to promote productivity and stand apart from your competitors. 

Create a timetable

Of course, working as a freelancer offers flexibility and freedom, however, if you want to promote productivity and efficiency whilst you work then sticking to a rigid timetable will help. You'll be able to structure your day better and be able to dedicate adequate time to particular tasks. It also sets the mood for a productive day, rather than switching on your laptop and then watching YouTube for an hour.

Break down those large tasks

Large tasks can be incredibly overwhelming and the pressure we put ourselves under to perform often makes our productivity nosedive. By breaking down your larger tasks into smaller ones, you'll be more efficient and be able to manage tasks more effectively. For example, instead of "translating an entire business document" you could break up the task and translate 200 words an hour instead. This approach will help you manage your time better.

Say no to distractions

Got a parcel being delivered? Ask your partner to answer the door instead. Social media notifications pinging? Put your device on aeroplane mode. Kids screaming and messing around? Find some childcare or plan activities they can do with minimal supervision. Saying no to the distractions in your life will keep your productivity going and help you keep your freelance career swimming along nicely. 

Final thoughts…

Remember that taking regular short breaks is essential for your productivity levels. So get up from your desk and stretch those legs!