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8 earring styles every woman should own

26th December 2020 Print

People have loved earrings for centuries. Archaeologists report finding evidence of versions dating back more than 2,000 years. Early civilizations often pierced their ears and wore earrings to ward off evil or because they thought jewelry brought good health. Sailors had to earn their earrings by crossing the equator or sailing around the world. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to belong to a religion or perform dangerous tasks to enjoy beautiful earrings. Jewelers sell hundreds of styles made of every imaginable material.

Women now wear earrings as sparkling accessories, to make personal fashion statements, or just for fun. Most can't afford to invest in dozens of pairs, and, fortunately, they don't have to. Anyone can build a collection that includes several versatile pieces. While every taste is different, fashion experts recommend that each collection include eight essential styles that can go with any wardrobe.

1. Diamond Studs Are Classics

If a woman can only afford one set of good earrings, they should be diamond studs. They can be worn with every type of clothing and are suitable for every occasion. Studs are small enough to be subtle but beautiful enough to be eye-catching.

Diamond studs are sold in various price ranges dictated by their size and quality. Consumers looking for a new pair of earrings can shop online and often find an established jeweler that offers the style in various configurations. The diminutive, brilliant stones are considered essential elements for capsule jewelry collections.

2. Hoops Can Go Everywhere

Every woman should own a pair of hoop earrings because they are beautiful, versatile, and available in styles to suit any taste. Gold hoops are often considered essential jewelry, but silver and platinum are also thought to be classics, and many women prefer them to gold.

Traditional, unadorned hoops flatter everyone and are sold in sizes to suit every need. They are also appropriate for any age group. Per Forbes, hoops also have a style that appeals to women from all types of backgrounds. Hoops make a bold statement without being over the top. Dainty hoops are ideal for younger girls, who generally wear understated jewelry.

3. Wear Butterflies to Add Whimsy

Jewelers offer dozens of earring styles that include butterflies, and with good reason. Butterflies have long been considered symbols of transformation, hope, and life. While they are commonly found in younger girls' jewelry, there are also striking designs suitable for every age group.

Women in their 20s and thirties can pair delicate butterfly jewelry with casual clothing or use it to add a fun touch to workwear. There is no age limit on the earrings' appeal, and mature women at every life stage can add interest and whimsy to their looks with tiny butterfly studs or drop earrings.

4. Heart Earrings Are Always in Style

Is there a more classic symbol of love than a heart? Jewelry featuring hearts in all sizes, made of every imaginable material, has captivated women for centuries, and it still does. Many opt for heart earrings that go with nearly any type of clothing. Everyone can wear them, and many trendsetters create a theme by adding heart necklaces.

5. Every Woman Needs Star Jewelry

Many fashionable women wear delicate, subtle star earrings everywhere. They are perfect for casual wear, business occasions, and dressy events. Small star earrings can add a touch of fun to a severe outfit. The Posh in Progress style site notes that star earrings can also be worn to mark occasions like the 4th of July or Christmas without appearing gaudy.

Few symbols have more meanings than stars, which is why every capsule collection should include earrings featuring one of the celestial bodies. Depending on the culture, stars can mean motivation, encouragement, or good wishes, and can be gifts that let someone know they are a "star." They are also lovely, especially when crafted from metals that catch the light.

6. Wear Dangly Earrings for Sparkle

There are times when fashionistas want to trade their subtle earrings in for obvious, eye-catching dangling styles. For example, an off-the-shoulder dress or blouse really demands earrings that draw the eye to a lovely neckline.

Dangles are a must for evening sheath dresses, but they can also add pizzazz to a daytime look. According to Vogue fashion experts, dangly statement earrings are also very in for 2020.

Many trendy dressers wear sparkling, dangling earrings when they want to spice up simple dresses. A classic pair of pearl, diamond, gold, or silver dangle earrings stands the test of time and stays in style for decades.

7. Drop Earrings Offer Variety

Second cousins to dangle earrings, drop styles also fall below the ear. However, they are primarily designed to show off attachments rather than provide light-catching movement. Jewelers offer an almost endless variety of drop earrings, which typically include beads or charms. Most use post or stud attachments.

Earrings can be short or long, making them very adaptable. They are more noticeable than studs and less obvious than dangles. Stylish women with short hair often own several pairs of drop earrings that draw attention to their best features.

8. Indulge Personal Tastes with Fun Styles

While classic, must-have pieces are essential staples for capsule jewelry collections, even the trendiest women own several pairs of charming, quirky, and fun earrings. These are pieces that reflect personal tastes, interests, or that owners simply enjoy wearing. For example, many women own styles in bold colors like hot pink or neon yellow. Whether they are dangles, drops, or hoops, these statement pieces are designed to be noticed. Earrings featuring beads of all colors and types are very in right now and are ideal for those buying original jewelry.

One of the best things about statement pieces is that they are often budget-friendly. High-end jewelers do offer collections of non-traditional earrings, many of which include exotic figures or charms. However, most are more affordable and crafted from natural materials like wood or inexpensive, hypoallergenic metals. Some trending styles include studs in the shape of fruits, gummy bears, and animals.

Trendsetting women usually consider earrings essential wear and incorporate several must-have styles in their capsule jewelry collections. These include diamond studs, hoops, and at least one pair of stunning dangly earrings. Most also have favorite drop earrings as well as styles that feature stars and hearts. No matter how elegant the basic collection is, a typical fashionista will also invest in one or more pairs of fun earrings, "just because."