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5 benefits of dental implants

20th January 2021 Print
teeth implants

The dental implant treatment is one of the most invasive oral surgical procedures, but it is also a relatively popular teeth replacement option. You might wonder, what makes it so well-liked, and should you try it yourself? Dental implants are different from conventional teeth replacement techniques in so many ways. They are the closest-looking thing to real teeth and have the most positive impact on self-regard for patients. Here are some benefits of getting a dental implant:

1. They have a high success rate

Dental implants have a success rate of 90% to 95%. That’s pretty high for such an invasive procedure, but you might still be worried about complications in the long run. Fortunately, if anything happens to you as a direct result of the implant, you might be eligible for compensation if there was negligence involved. A medical malpractice or personal injury lawyer from dedicated law firms such as Tario & Associates can help you determine if you have a case and whether you should prepare a compensation claim.

2. It doesn’t affect natural teeth

A typical dental implant consists of a prosthesis mounted to an abutment, which is attached to a post. The post is drilled into the jawbone to serve as a regular root, so the support of adjacent teeth is not required. Dental crowns require tooth shaping, while partial dentures are clasped onto adjacent teeth, making them part of any chewing action on the denture.

3. Implants are durable

Implants should last as long as natural teeth if the oral care routine is adhered to. As stated above, implants are attached to the jaw, just like your other teeth. As long as you have no underlying dental health issues such as periodontal disease or osteonecrosis of the jaw, your dental implant should last a lifetime.

4. It improves your appearance

When you lose teeth, the body senses that the jawbone is no longer needed for tooth attachment and starts dissolving it. Implants prevent this process from being set off, ensuring your facial structure remains intact. This helps you look and feel younger as the risk of wrinkling and looking older than you really are, is reduced when the jaw is intact. Even when it’s only one tooth missing, aesthetics are much better with an implant than bridges and other conventional restoration methods.

5. They don’t affect how you eat

During recovery, you will mostly feed on fluids and soft foods. You might also be advised to avoid chewing with the prosthesis. However, once you have fully recovered, there will be no limitations over what you can eat. The posts in the jawbone mimic your natural tooth root and become part of your oral anatomy, meaning you can do with your prosthetic tooth whatever you do with your other teeth.


There are many ways to replace a missing tooth and restore your smile and confidence, depending on the nature of your problem, your preferences, and your budget. However, dental implant treatment has the edge over most other solutions in that it is permanent and improves your dental health, and restores your chewing ability without affecting adjacent teeth.

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teeth implants