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How to find emails and generate high-quality leads in a matter of minutes

23rd January 2021 Print

Considering that many studies have discovered that most individuals check their emails at least 15 times every day, email remains an active, personalized, and professional method of reaching out to your contacts. But finding the email of any individual is usually not easy. Many individuals are very protective and rarely give out their emails, mostly to avoid being spammed. But if you urgently need to reach out to someone or lost a contact you already had, there are several ways of finding email addresses on the internet.

An excellent place to begin your search is the about page of the company website of your contact. This page can also provide other contact information and bio of your prospect and other team members who can also be contacted. Another ideal place to check out when searching for the email address of contact is their social media profile page on popular platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Although, you might have to connect or follow them in order to have full access to their profile page. But this method can be limiting particularly if they don’t respond to your follow request or have restrictions on their profile page. Another method is to guess the words and perform a Google search. You can combine different words and suggestions and include with their company email or popular email providers such as Gmail or Yahoomail but this method is usually very tedious and mostly inaccurate.

However, the most effective method of discovering email addresses online is the use of email finder tools. They can scan through webpages and mail servers using sophisticated algorithms and intelligence to recover lost or collect new email addresses, even in unexpected places on the internet.

What are email finders?

Email finders are sophisticated online tools developed using specific algorithms to search for different places on the internet and collect the emails of prospects based on the name, company, skill, and other information. This tool is designed to automate the process of generating and verifying email addresses that are majorly used for cold email campaigns. 

Email hunter is beneficial for small businesses and entrepreneurs who intend to generate and verify the bulk of email addresses that would be added to their mailing list which makes it important for those starting up from scratch 

Benefits of Email Finders

Email finder tools offer several benefits such as:

For generating new leads

It is impossible to create a campaign without generating a list of contacts that would be reached out to. Since the survival and growth of your business depends on the number of contacts on your list considering that businesses lose about 10 to 25% of their leads every year. It is therefore important to generate a steady stream of contacts for your business.

Useful for sending campaigns and outreaches.

An integral part of building links and promoting your business online might require you to reach out to a list of prospects, influencers, bloggers, and online webmasters. Email finder tools can help simplify the process of reaching out to them, managing correspondence, and discovering relevant contacts for your campaign. Some of these email finder tools also come with functionalities that can collect the social media link, phone number, and perform a reverse email search of specific contacts.

Helps to grow businesses.

Email finder tools can help you generate emails of investors or contacts from platforms such as LinkedIn that might promote your business to a targeted audience. 

Useful for performing marketing campaigns and recruitment

Emails are required for carrying out email campaigns and recruiting new members. Marketers can use it to easily generate a list of specific contacts that can be targeted in their email outreach. This helps to improve the efficiency of their email campaign, generate more sales, and increase productivity.

Recruiters can also use email finder tools to discover specific contacts that would be a perfect fit for available roles in their organization.

What to consider when choosing an email finder tool

Using email finder tools remains the best option when it comes to searching for anybody’s email online. However, many of these tools come with different functionalities that make them unique. But there are basic features that must be considered when selecting a suitable email finder tool.

Bulk email search functionality

An ideal email finder tool should come with a bulk email search feature that makes searching for multiple emails online easy and less time-consuming. 

User-friendly interface and accessibility

Excellent email finder tools should be easy enough for every user irrespective of their skill level. Some email finder tools also come in extensions that can be easily installed into web browsers that allow you to search for emails on the go from your social media profiles or websites. Users should also be able to download compiled email addresses into spreadsheets in suitable formats.

Email identification accuracy

Apart from generating new emails, an ideal email finder should come with email validation functionality for verifying the accuracy of the emails generated to lower the risk of email bounces and increase deliverability.

However, it is important to keep in mind that pricing plays a significant role when choosing a suitable email finder tool. Most tools available for free are usually limited in the number of searches and features. Therefore, you might have to opt for a suitable email lookup service offering a paid plan to gain access to its complete features.

How to find an email address using an email finder and generate a high-quality lead.

The use of email finder tools is basically to automate and simplify the process of generating new emails. When finding the email address of a prospect or contact, email finders only require the user to insert the name, company name, or domain URL in order to generate results.

You can also perform an email search based on the company profile, size, position, role, company email addresses, and other specifications.

Email finders can also generate emails from multiple platforms on the internet by performing a search based on the skills, job title, and location of the prospect.


The use of email finder tools requires very little effort and makes it easy to discover old and new emails. It plays a major role in promoting your business, increasing sales, expanding your network, and initiating conversation with valuable prospective contacts.