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8 thrilling water sports you should try this year

26th January 2021 Print

Do you crave thrilling adventures in your next holiday? Have you thought of trying out water sports? To most people, perfect holiday activities comprise soaking in the sun rays by the beach for several days. However, you can add some thrills to your summer by engaging in any of the following water sports.

1. Wakeboarding

If you love insane speed, gushes of thick air, and occasional acrobatics, then wakeboarding should be something you try. To wakeboard, you step on a wakeboard tied onto a wakeboard tower of a boat. The boat then moves into open water and accelerates to high speeds while dragging your wakeboard. The main challenge of this activity is maintaining your balance on the board.

Due to its high intensity, you should always ensure that you only use expertly engineered wakeboarding gear, especially the wakeboard tower, which takes the maximum pressure from the drag.

2. Parasailing

Parasailing is similar to wakeboarding, only that a parachute propelled by sea airwaves drags you in place of a boat. Also, parasailing uses a larger board or sometimes a small watercraft due to its unpredictable nature. The chute occasionally drags your board off the water surface into the air and is not recommended if you are afraid of heights. 

3. Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a deep-sea diving sport. Unfortunately, most countries only permit certified divers to scuba dive due to the amount of risk associated with it. However, the training is easy and fun, and you can easily get certified by taking a short course. After certification, you can join a team of people where you can scuba dive together.

4. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a less risky version of scuba diving. It requires no experience as long as you can swim. Learning how to snorkel takes minutes and is a recommended family sport. If you live in Australia or any other tropical region with coral reefs, try exploring these excellent sites by snorkeling during the holidays.

5. Surfing

If the winds and the coastal terrain in your region permits, surfing is one of the intensive water sports played professionally. However, if you have access to a surfing board and can surf, why not try it for fun?

6. Kayaking

If you are looking for a family water sport, kayaking is for you. The sport is less engaging and requires no experience at all. However, parents are advised to keep an eye on the young ones when in the water at all times.

7. Kitesurfing

Sometimes you may want to surg, but there are no sizable waves in your region. You can try kitesurfing, where you utilize the kite’s drag power to surf instead of relying on waves. The sport requires some lessons before getting started but can be mastered within a short time.

8. Cliff Jumping

If you don’t have the equipment for any sports mentioned above or the weather conditions are unfavorable, you can consider natural water sports such as cliff jumping. Time to conquer your fear of heights by engaging in something that sends chills down your spine.


Water sports can make your holiday dotted with memorable adventures while learning new things and overcoming personal limitations. However, care is required when taking part in water sports as they can be dangerous.

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