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CBD oil for energy boost: Does it work?

4th February 2021 Print

CBD has emerged from the shadows of cannabis prohibition onto the shelves of your local grocery store. Companies are touting CBD as a cure-all miracle drug with the potential to solve any problem thrown its way. The latest claim being made is that CBD oil can be used for an energy boost.

This can seem confusing to many who have heard about people taking CBD for sleep. How can a product make you fall asleep and give you energy? This confusion is created by the lack of clarity allowed by world governments regarding CBD. Because we do not know exactly how CBD should be used, many companies are claiming CBD can treat an array of issues.

CBD Oil for Energy and Focus

CBD could one day prove to give energy to certain people. For now, we don’t have the data to be sure. The most popular way to take CBD for energy is mixed with pre-workout supplements or natural energy boosters.

Many CBD users enjoy taking CBD before a workout along with their favorite pre-workout drink or supplement. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence and testimonial saying that taking CBD before a workout or to help focus is beneficial, but there isn’t enough data to be certain.

Hopefully, we will have more human studies to know if CBD can be definitively used for energy and focus.

Does CBD Cause Tiredness?

CBD doesn’t function like traditional sleeping medication. Users expecting to sleep better from taking CBD one time will be disappointed. CBD needs to be taken regularly to promote better sleep. Taking it once is not going to make you tired or cause drowsiness for the majority of users.

There are rare instances of CBD users reporting fatigue, but these cases are far and few between.

Can CBD Oil Make You Sleepy?

There are plenty of products, such as CBD capsules that are designed to help users sleep. The scientific evidence backing up this claim is much better than CBD for energy.

Experts believe that taking CBD regularly can increase endocannabinoid production. These neurotransmitters naturally produced by the body can bind with receptors that are believed to regulate the sleep-wake cycle.

Taking CBD daily, over extended periods is believed to have the potential to promote better quality sleep.

Taking CBD once is not going to make you sleepy. However, if CBD is taken over weeks it could increase endocannabinoid production and give the user better sleep. Research into CBD and sleep looks promising, but we are still a long way from doctors prescribing CBD to treat sleep conditions.

CBD for Energy

There is little evidence to support CBD as an energy booster. Most companies infuse CBD drinks like coffee or tea with other natural energy boosters for an uplifting feeling.

CBD users that have reported an energy boost could also be experiencing the effect of terpenes. These are oils that exist in all plants; many have been reported to give users energy.

While the verdict is still out on CBD oil for energy, many people enjoy other aspects of CBD that could give users benefits. Taking CBD after a workout could help with the recovery process; again, we are just too early in the game to know for sure.

If you decide to take CBD for energy, we suggest taking a full-plant extract that has significant amounts of terpenes that are believed to increase energy. Advocates of natural medicine believe that terpenes like alpha-pinene and limonene could give users a natural boost in energy. Pairing the CBD product with natural energy boosters like vitamin B-12.

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