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Packing your pet's luggage for a trip

16th February 2021 Print

Traveling has always been one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the perfect time exploring different countries, learning their traditions, and observing fascinating places. However, the moment you get a pet, your life changes forever. It is impossible to deny that a puppy or a kitten will require much of your time and attention, but you will get positive emotions and love in return. Therefore, contrary to a common misconception, an interesting and exciting life with a little four-legged friend is real. What about traveling?

Heading to the tour with a pet can be challenging and overwhelming unless you take everything necessary for its convenience. What should be included in the pet's traveling bag? Where can you find the best plastic dog crates for comfortable journeys? What are the key rules you need to follow traveling with your dog or cat? These are basic concerns of people who strive to enjoy unforgettable vacations without leaving the pet at home alone.

In general, it is important to remember that pets relish the established routine, and even slight changes can make them anxious and frustrated. Therefore, your task is to care for the dog's or cat's comfort and safety throughout the tour. Check out some essential tips for flawless traveling with fluffy friends.

- Take some comforts of home. Pets may become confused when the surrounding gets changed fast. The task of the owner is to minimize the stress and make the trip comfortable for the dog or cat. Bring favorite toys, bedding, and food that will remind you of the home. Everyday items will help your little friends relax and feel protected.

- Use a carrier. The vast majority of pet owners will prove that cats and dogs do not like traveling. However, if you strive to enjoy a car tour with a four-legged friend, you can eliminate negative emotions using a big, comfortable carrier. It will help to reduce stress and keep your pet safe and stable. Although the first experience may still be overwhelming for the dog or pet, it will surely get used to it. An important note: do not forget to fasten the carrier with the seatbelt.

- Have a plan B. Hopefully, your adventures will be problem-free, but the task of the pet-owner is to be ready for any scenario. What should you do if your dog has occasionally got lost or fell ill? Care for the ID tags, medical records, and other items that may help you in an emergency case.

- Make frequent stops. If you travel by plane or train, you may skip this recommendation, as nothing depends on you. However, if you head on the road trip, you need to stop often to let your pet stretch, run and just enjoy the fresh air.

- Learn the policies and find pet-friendly places in the destination. Irrespective of the country you are traveling to, it is crucial to find out the basic rules and recommendations that will help your dog or cat stay safe and active. Do you want to share a delicious dinner with your four-legged friend? Check out the animal-friendly cafes and restaurants to enjoy. Keep in mind that little details can make a huge difference.

When you are psychologically ready for the challenging vacations with your pet, it is the right time to start packing bags. Here are some items you cannot forget.

- Leashes and walking harness. If you choose a car tour with your dog, you need to care for a dependable leash and walking harness. There is no need to use any of these while your pet is still in the car, but these items are crucial when the fluffy friend is out. Leash and harness is a perfect way to have an enjoyable trip without any risks of being lost or injured.

- Cleaning supplies. Cats and dogs are known to be messy, especially if they get a delicious treat. Thus, you should be ready to clean up. Do not forget to take wet wipes, paper towels, and other accessories that will simplify your task.

- Food. Traveling is always perfect when your furry family members eat their favorite food. As mentioned in a Hill's Science diet cat food review, a delicious treat is the only way to help a cat relax and enjoy the ride. The same principle works with dogs, which means that the properly selected food is crucial.

- Medications. You never know what may happen during the vacation, so you should be ready for everything. Take some basic medications and supplements that may be used to calm the pet down and help it relax.

- Waste bags. Responsible dog owners know how important it is to pick up after the pet. Do not forget to grab an extra roll of waste bags to avoid problems.

- Toys. Do you want to keep your pet entertained during the road trip? Get its favorite toys, which will create an extra feeling of safety and comfort.