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Going green can save your business money - Here's why

3rd March 2021 Print

Does going green equal more money for your business? We think, yes! And, we have plenty of reasons why making your business eco-friendlier is more financially wise. Keep reading below to find out more! 

Let’s be honest: for most entrepreneurs running their own businesses, reducing their carbon footprint is rarely a top priority. But this should change! Going green can actually be an advantageous move for a business. Plus, it can also attract and retain real talent and customers, but more on this one later. 

But transforming your business into a green one can sound really complicated and scary. Some entrepreneurs may also even think that it is really expensive since they have to redefine most of their procedures and processes to protect the environment better. 

However, here’s the deal: reducing your business’s carbon footprint is actually a lot easier than you may think. Even a simple move like installing solar panels or going paperless can save you a lot of money in terms of energy bills and paper supply purchases. 

Here are seven easy ways companies can save money by becoming more eco-conscious. 

Ways going green can save you money 

A lot of big brands are investing millions of dollars in eco-friendly practices. Adidas, HP, Dell, Google, Wal-Mart, Mc Donald’s, and many others are only a few examples of big brands that are taking the lead in going green

Would all those famous CEOs approve any green effort if this meant that they would be losing money? We’re going to assume that the answer is “no”. So, in contrast, these companies realized that investing in eco-friendly practices actually brings them more money. 

Now, your company may not be as big as Google or Mc Donald’s, but it can also benefit from adopting some green practices. We will explain how green practices save you money.  

Less paper product purchases 

Going paperless is so easy these days, thanks to technology advancements. Cloud networks or file-sharing tools, for example, help reduce the amount of paper waste in workplaces. 

And, think about it: the less paper your employees use for necessary documents, the less money you pay for paper product supplies. Plus, there’s so much less paper waste that can affect the environment thanks to your business. 

To also help reduce waste in your workplace, you can have better waste management strategies in place. It will likely cost your business a lot less to have your recycling equipment fixed by a repairs and servicing in NZ company than to pay the price of losing good money for not being an eco-conscious business.   

Fewer purchases of single-use products 

Workplaces, offices, in particular, use a lot of supplies, from paper or plastic cups to cutlery or plates. Besides that, there are also plastic pens, highlighters, staplers, and other single-use office supplies that get thrown away after they’ve been used…well, one time. 

All these supplies not only that cost a lot to replace daily or monthly, but they also end up in landfills from where they are never properly recycled, affecting our environment. If you provide your employees with reusable supplies, you will save a lot of money while also protect the environment. 

Lower utility costs 

Did you know that LED bulbs consume between 25 to 30% less energy than regular bulbs? Well, this can mean big savings in terms of utility costs for your business. 

If you didn’t know, find out that LED light bulbs can last up to 20 years, they use less energy to work and also provide a purer source of light. So, your business will save money on utility costs and protect our planet at the same time. 

Fewer costs with telecommuting 

Telecommuting can have a huge impact on both business costs and on our environment. 

If your business already has a cloud network in place, it’s going to be really easy to allow your employees to work from home and not have to be in the office all the time. 

Telecommuting reduces business costs such as utilities and equipment because employees use their own when working from home. At the same time, having your employees not driving to work or consuming energy in the office is also a great way in which your business protects Mother Nature. 

Buy used 

Buying second-hand products such as office furniture or equipment can save your business a lot of money. The deal with second-hand products is that they aren’t just eco-friendly, but they also cost considerably less than new ones. 

Improved productivity 

Going green with your company may not only save you money but also help gain increased revenue by increasing productivity among your customers. In fact, data shows that employees who work for eco-friendly companies are 16% more productive than the average. 

Well, more productive employees typically mean more money for your business. Customers are happier with your products and services, and your company saves money on fixing errors and on unproductive working hours. 

Increased sales 

Words like green, sustainable, organic and so on are buzzwords these days among customers. With consumers becoming more aware of how large companies are making huge profits while destroying our planet, they find that they are more willing to pay more money on goods that come from green companies. What’s more, data shows that over 80% of people respect companies and brands that go green. 

So, once again, going green may not only help you save money but may also bring you some significant extra revenue. 

Simple ways to make your business greener 

What are some effortless and straightforward ways to make your business greener? We have a few examples: 

- Go paperless
- Get energy from a green energy supplier
- Buy second-hand office furniture and equipment
- Choose green suppliers
- Support a green cause

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