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2021 NFL Draft: 5 players ready to make an impact in the NFL

4th March 2021 Print

Every year, football fans around the world look forward to the new crop of NFL players that enter the league through the draft. Fans of struggling franchises hope that their teams land a player that will change their fortunes, while winning organizations look to make moves to bolster their lineups. 

Whichever team you support, the NFL Draft is bound to play a significant role in how your team’s upcoming season will play out. This year is no different. The 2021 NFL Draft is fast approaching, and fans are eager to see who goes where. In fact, pundits are already predicting how the draft will go, with sites such as Lines creating a comprehensive 2021 NFL mock draft with all 7 rounds.

Every team selects players from the draft for a reason. Some players may be picked because of their potential, with teams looking to tap into this potential throughout the years. Other players are highly-touted coming into the draft, and teams hope that their success will translate into the NFL. 

Sometimes, it might take years before a player turns out to be a good pick for a team. Some players might even blossom after they’ve already left the team that drafted them. This year’s class however is filled with players who are ready to make an instant impact in any team that drafts them. Any team that’s fortunate enough to select these players will definitely receive a boost and can expect great performances from these upcoming rookies.

Trevor Lawrence

It’s undeniable that Trevor Lawrence is the most sought-after prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft, and mock draft boards all over the internet have him placed at first overall for good reason. The 6’6 quarterback has made quite an impact in his college days in Clemson, leading the team to the National Championship in 2019 and winning the Offensive MVP in the championship game, as well as guiding Clemson to three straight ACC Championships.

The 2020 ACC Player of the Year is basically a lock to become the Jacksonville Jaguars’ next quarterback. After years of mediocrity, the Jaguars have a potential franchise player in their hands. Lawrence’s size, skill, and overall feel for the game appears to be readymade for NFL competition, and he’s looking to be the next rookie to put his team on the next level. 

Justin Fields

Justin Fields is another instant-impact quarterback that any team with a hole in the QB position would practically need to select. The former Ohio State Buckeye was a 2019 Heisman Trophy finalist and was a two-time Graham George Offensive Player of the Year and Griese-Brees Quarterback of the Year, not to mention that he led Ohio State to back-to-back Big Ten Championships in 2019 and 2020, winning MVP in 2019.

With his powerful arm and explosiveness, Fields possesses qualities that few QBs from his class, and even from the current crop of NFL players, can match. The dual-threat quarterback will instantly be a formidable opponent to any team that faces him in the NFL. 

Ja’Marr Chase

Any team that has an opening in wide receiver would do well by picking up Ja’Marr Chase. Chase was a valuable piece in the LSU Tigers team that won the 2020 National Championship, and was a Unanimous All-American in 2019. 

The 6’1, 200-pound wide receiver is as tenacious as it gets. Chase bursts through every run and has the physical tools and understanding of the game to create space for himself in the field. Combine this with his strength and he will be a difficult cover for any defender.  

DeVonta Smith

If you’re the first player in your position to win the coveted Heisman Trophy in 29 years, it would probably be safe to assume that you have a promising career ahead of you in the NFL. DeVonta Smith did just that to cap off his illustrious college career where he played a significant role in an Alabama squad that won two national championships. 

The Crimson Tide star’s agility is second to none, and his excellent playmaking for his position is hard to come by. Smith may need to add some bulk to be a star in the NFL, but his skillset alone is enough to leave a mark. 

Penei Sewell

A 2019 Unanimous All-American, Penei Sewell has shown that he’s built for the NFL. The Oregon Ducks tackle is only 20 years old, but he’s more than ready to hang around with the big boys.

Sewell not only has an imposing frame that’s prepared for the pros, but also has the incredible power, impressive footwork, and polished technique to make an impact every time he’s on the floor. The 6’6, 325-pound Sewell also has the demeanor that shows that he’s built for the league.