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Stock trading made easy: Here's how you can start investing safely today

16th March 2021 Print
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Working as a stock trader has been a very profitable way to earn money for years. With the right knowledge and experience, stock traders can earn a massive amount of money on the markets.  The Internet has now made it possible for anyone to start trading, and now many people have started buying and selling stocks and shares from their own living rooms. While there is a lot of money to be made if you get it right, there is also the potential for losing a lot if you get it wrong. To give yourself the best chance of making a profit and to ensure that you don’t put your savings at risk, make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

To help you get off on the right food, here is how you can start investing safely today.

1. Get Advice from Expert Traders

One of the single best ways to learn about trading and developing your skills when you first start out is to ask successful traders for useful tips. The CoronaVirus Pandemic has caused major upheaval across all the markets so these are far from normal times to be trying to get your foot in the door, but an experienced trader will still be able to give you some great advice about how to watch for trends and what to look out for in terms of market movements. Successful trading is all about timing and good timing only comes with experience. Until you are able to get that experience, the best thing you can do is to rely on other people’s. Try and find yourself a good mentor who has the time and expertise to help you in the early stages of your trading journey.

2. Hit the Internet for Guides

As well as opening up the stock markets to anyone and everyone, the internet is also a vast source of trading information. With just a quick Google search you will be able to find useful guides (like this one!) which can teach you everything from getting started to how to spot the next big trend. You should sign up to some popular trading blogs where you will be able to chat to other traders, pick up tips, and share your experiences. These interactions and relationships can be pivotal as your trading career starts to grow and you start looking for new opportunities in markets that you are not familiar with. Just remember to follow your own instincts because you can’t always know for sure who the real expert traders are and who is just faking it online.

3. Find Tutorials on Youtube

In addition to useful trading guides and blogs, you can also find really helpful tutorials on YouTube. If you take the time to study the tutorials carefully and absorb all of the knowledge they contain, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about trading. For a lot of people, getting started is the most difficult thing, but there are tutorial videos on everything from the best apps and software to what all the different jargon means. Find a series of trading tutorials and they will take you from A to Z and give you the best chance of making a successful start. 

4. Find the Best Trading App

One of the most convenient ways to trade nowadays is by using an app on your phone. Trading apps enable you to buy and sell at the click of a button and to follow the markets at all times. The markets can change so quickly that being able to trade on your phone means that you will always be prepared for the perfect moment. There are many online reviews which will help you decide between the Stash App and the other popular options. Many of these apps have special settings for beginners where you can choose the risk level at which you want to trade so that you will only be recommended stock options at that level. This will enable you to trade more conservatively or more aggressively so that you can protect or risk more of your money.

5. Master Your Craft on Practice Mode

As well as using an app for trading there is also excellent trading software which will provide everything you need to trade as long as you have a stable internet connection. One of the best things about this software is that most options come with a built-in practice mode for beginners. This enables you to make fake trades using the real-time markets so that you gain the experience and skills which are needed to be successful. Using the practice modes means that you won’t be risking any of your money until you are confident in what you are doing. While it is easier to be more cavalier in your trading when you are not using real money, try to be honest about how much you would have bought or sold for if you were doing it for real so that you can learn from your mistakes.

6. Invest Small Amounts to Begin With

After you have acquired all of the necessary knowledge and you have chosen and practiced with a trading app or software, it is time to make your first trade. The best way is always to start small and build up to larger trades as you gain more confidence and experience. Make a few small trades and see how they turn out. If you are successful, try to understand exactly why that happened and whether you can apply this knowledge to another trade. On the other hand, if a trade didn’t work out, see what you can learn from it. Becoming an expert trader takes time and patience, and you don’t want to blow all your savings before you have even got going.

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Stock trading is a great way to earn money, whether you are just looking to make a little on the side or you want to do trading full-time. Becoming a successful trader requires a lot of practice and learning, and it is crucial that you are well-versed in every aspect of the process. The best traders are constantly learning and never stop asking for advice and useful tips. Be a sponge and soak in all of the advice you can get.

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