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How technology impacts your quality of life

16th March 2021 Print
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We live in an era of technological advancement. Every week there is some new device or technology invented that changes the world. Technology has the potential to bring our quality of life to all-time highs if we take it in the right direction.

In this day and age, technology dominates the way we live. It defines who we are and what we do across all cultures. It has changed the behavior of every human living today. On a whole, technology has drastically improved our quality of life in several ways. Let’s take a look at a few ways that technology has impacted our quality of life.  

Technology Can Hurt Or Help Quality Of Life

Of course, as many of us know, technology doesn’t always equal a better life. It has the potential to eradicate all life on Earth if we let it. While that’s a bit dramatic, the fact remains that technology must be used carefully and intentionally to improve our lives and make them easier. Used irresponsibly, it has the potential to hurt us and impact us negatively in more ways than one. 

Inventions such as doomsday weapons provide an obvious concern. But technology can harm us in much more subtle ways that we don’t see coming. One such instance of this very thing is the development of screen addiction and its effects on attention span and physical activity. While improving our access to information and entertainment, thereby greatly improving several aspects of life, it also provides some negative consequences. Constant information, news, music, social media feeds, and traditional forms of entertainment create a kind of addictive behavior for those that indulge in it excessively. Lots of screentime is also correlated with sedentary lifestyles and the health consequences that derive from inactivity.

That’s why we need to focus and develop forms of technology that have as few negative consequences as possible while providing lots of quality of life improvements. Technology advances so quickly that it’s important to stay up-to-date by reading respectable news sources. Doing so will give you the competitive edge you need to preview new advancements regardless of whether they are positive or negative so that you can moderate the bad and exploit the good.  

Automation Of The Home Provides Dramatic Improvements

One major way that technology has improved our lives in the last few years is through smart home technology. Smart home technology offers us many new conveniences through Smart home automation which includes technology such as a smart thermostat or outlets. This kind of innovation drastically improves our quality of life. 

Devices such as smart thermostats allow us to program and control our home’s climate remotely. Such an ability allows us to better utilize energy consumption to save money and reduce our impact on the environment while also ensuring that our home is always comfortable when we are home. Programmable features also allow people to develop unique schedules and temperatures to meet whatever climate needs or preferences they have throughout the day.

Smart speakers and displays offer us the ability to better control and utilize technology for our personal needs. This innovation allows us to utilize technology like never before possible. With just a phrase or two people can now put on their favorite song. Or they can ask any question and receive an answer without ever taking their eyes or attention off of what they are working on at the moment. They can also control any other connected devices in their home by merely commanding them. 

Smart outlets allow people to turn any conventional outlet into a connected smart outlet by just plugging a converter into the conventional outlet. Then, anything plugged into it can be turned on or off remotely, by voice command, or according to a schedule. This functions somewhat like a conventional light timer but with many more features and applications. It’s a great fit for lamps, coffee makers, or even a TV.

Smart cameras are also a great innovation. In addition to normal remote features, advanced features allow you to control the angle of the camera, speak, or even throw treats to your dogs. 

There are so many different smart home automation devices and features that there is something for everyone. 

Communication, Safety, And Peace Of Mind

Another obvious way that technology has improved our life unequivocally is through new means of communication. With the advent of mobile phones, video chat, and remote conferencing options. 

This is has changed the world in ways that are hard to understand for younger individuals. Now, people can always be in touch. Cellular coverage reaches almost every inch of land and nearly all people carry a phone in their pockets. People from anywhere in the world can easily communicate with anyone else anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.

One way that this has improved our lives is in the way of safety. Because of improved communications, people are always able to stay in touch. Even in dangerous situations. This grants families peace of mind never before available. Husbands and wives can call each other at any time. People traveling alone to remote areas of the world can get help in an emergency. Parents can call their children to check up on their kids when they go out with their friends, to summer camp, or when they move away for university. Spouses can call their significant others to remind them to pick up a gallon of milk on the way home too.

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This provides a kind of mental security that greatly increases our quality of life. 

New teleconferencing capabilities have ensured that students and business people can continue their activities without interruption even amid a global pandemic. This is particularly important for students as even a short delay in education can cause problems down the road, especially in this highly competitive environment. 

Greater Innovations Are Just Beyond The Horizon

With more and greater technologies coming out every day, we can be sure that the great changes that have occurred are only the beginning. With advances in space travel, material sciences, computing, and industrial processes, the possibilities are too numerous to count. One thing is sure though, our lives will continue to improve due to the advancement of technology. 

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