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How to bet on MMA?

18th March 2021 Print

Bookmakers often offer good odds on MMA, and each fight is spectacular. At the same time, there are practically no draw options. will tell you more about betting on this sport.

Variations of MMA Betting 

You can bet on a much smaller number of options than when wagering on soccer or other similar games. Among all events one can distinguish:

- bets on the total number of rounds;
- bet on over or under;
- on the winner;
- for a knockout or a referee’s decision;

To successfully place bets on MMA, it is necessary to learn how to correctly analyze the condition of the fighters and the likelihood of their victory.

Analysis features

1. Weight category. Each sub-category has its own nuances in terms of fighting tactics and athlete endurance.

2. Fighter tactics. It never happens that a competitor enters the championship ring without preparation, i.e. without preliminary rounds that determine his tactics. And to analyse it, you must not take bits and pieces out of context, but watch the fight from start to finish.

3. Statistics. After analyzing the history of the fighter, you should pay attention to the total number of victories and defeats, as well as how the results were achieved. For example, pay attention to the number of knockouts or referee decisions.

Considering all this information about each athlete, you can build the right strategy and make successful bets.

Fighter Betting Strategy

Analyzing the statistics of fights, you will notice that most of the victories occur in the lying position. Then the fighters use painful and suffocating holds, as well as other options. If you compare the number of wins by knockout and on the ground, the first option is clearly the loser. When betting on the favorite, analyze how good his technique is.

At the same time, when the fight does not end on the ground, the winner is the one who spent less energy during the previous rounds. The exception to the rule is outstanding fighters with a delivered power punch and excellent boxing technique. For example, Conor McGregor or Vitor Belfort (you can bet on the fights of these athletes at bookmakers from the list of In other cases, a hulking fighter with a powerful blow ends up on the floor after a takedown, and his opponent, possessing dexterity, easily dodges the opponent’s attacks.

Betting on a fighter with a heavy blow

When the fight moves to the ground, one of the fighters takes the top position to assure the fight with a series of powerful punches. Accordingly, an athlete with well-set strength techniques will bring the matter to the end faster.

Betting on the versatile fighter

If you have managed to find a versatile fighter in MMA, you can safely bet on him, as he usually dominates less miscellaneous opponents. According to the situation, such athletes find a way to victory faster. One example is Fedor Emelianenko, who initially practiced sambo.

Where you can place bets

Almost all bookmakers offer bets on MMA, as it is a widespread sport with entertainment and a special intensity of passions. You can study the odds of the best bookmakers, reviews of which you can find on, and choose the company with the most profitable odds.

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