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How to get more motivation to work

24th March 2021 Print

You may like your job, or at least tolerate it, but some days, you won’t feel like working. It happens to all of us, but only some of us take the initiative to conquer these feelings and get through the workday as productively and confidently as possible.

How can you muster the motivation to get started?

Starting the Day Right

If your workday starts in the morning, it’s important to start the day off right. If you generate good momentum and begin the day with a positive attitude, you’ll have a much easier time developing and maintaining your motivation.

- Set the alarm. It’s a good idea to wake up at the same time each morning (and go to bed at the same time each night). Eventually, your body will adjust, and you’ll find it much easier to wake up naturally, feeling well-rested. Additionally, if you set the alarm a bit earlier than necessary, you’ll have more time to get yourself together before work.

- Eat breakfast. It’s commonly touted as the “most important meal of the day” for a reason. Going to work hungry will be extremely demotivating. Instead, take a few minutes to cook some eggs or prepare a bowl of oatmeal; a nutritious breakfast can instantly recharge you.

- Get some caffeine. Not everyone should have caffeine, but if you can tolerate it, consider ingesting some. A cup of coffee or tea can help you beat fatigue and feel energized for the day ahead.

- Stay hydrated. Even a 2 percent drop in hydration is enough for people to experience serious mental and emotional consequences. It’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day, but especially in the morning, when your body will be functionally dehydrated.

Create the Right Environment

Next, it’s important to create the right work environment. If you hate your office or if you’re uncomfortable throughout the day, it’s going to kill whatever motivation you started with.

- Furniture. Find an online furniture store with good reviews and get the best furniture you can afford. A comfortable, ergonomic chair can help you maintain a good posture and make you feel good when working. A strong, beautiful desk can make you feel more confident and at home while working.

- Music. Is there a type of music you love (that isn’t especially distracting)? Play it with some good speakers. It can instantly lift your mood and help you tackle new work challenges head-on.

- Colleagues. You can’t always choose your colleagues, but you can control how they interact with you. Spend time talking with your favorite coworkers at the water cooler, and set firm boundaries so you’re not as negatively affected by the problematic behaviors of others (such as limiting your “open office” hours).

Managing Stress and Anxiety

No matter what, you’ll have stress and anxiety to deal with. But instead of letting them destroy your motivation, be proactive and work to minimize them.

- Exercise. Physical exercise relieves stress reliably. Make time in the morning or after work for at least 20-30 minutes of vigorous exercise. You’ll be amazed how much of an impact it can make on your subjective feelings throughout the workday.

- Meditate. Practice mindfulness meditation on a regular basis. It’s a great way to let go of persistent or distracting thoughts and can give you more emotional resilience. It only takes a few minutes to go through the exercise, and it has the power to instantly reshape your mood.

- Practice positive self-talk. Most of us engage in self-talk constantly, whether we want to or not. The problem is, negative self-talk can kill your motivation. When you find yourself talking to yourself in a pessimistic or disparaging way, take a moment and spin it into something positive.

Establish Rewards

You can also establish rewards for yourself to stay motivated. For example, if you work for an hour with no distractions or interruptions, you can treat yourself to a piece of hard candy. If you accomplish all your goals for the work week, you can buy yourself a new pair of shoes. This simple form of self-bribery can reinvigorate your motivation.

Still Not Motivated?

Have you tried all these strategies to no avail? Do you feel like you’ve done everything possible to change your environment and motivate yourself? If so, and you’re still not happy, this could be a deeper underlying problem with your career. It’s in your best interest to thoroughly analyze your current position and determine whether changing careers is a positive move.

For most of us, lack of motivation is an occasional, yet debilitating occurrence. But with the right strategies, we can conquer this malaise and increase our own subjective feelings of motivation. 

If all else fails, a job change may be in order – there’s no reason to stay in a job you hate.