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7 helpful apps for attorney productivity

2nd June 2021 Print

Attorneys of all types are busy, whether they work in criminal defense law or another specialty, and they can boost their productivity with many smartphone apps, including the ones highlighted below. 


Evernote is one of the leading apps in the legal field because of a simple design and the ability to take notes and recordings while you’re on the move – in many formats. 

You can save and organize your written notes and integrate the app with your cell phone camera. For example, you can take a picture from most surfaces, such as paper or whiteboard, then crop, rotate, or adjust it to the dimensions you need. Then, share it from your phone. 

If you’re scanning documents, the app will remove creases from folded pages and can turn business cards into your contacts. This saves you tons of time when you file receipts, send emails to new contacts, and even when checking notes. 


Working remotely and using a cell phone? You’ll need to use a cloud data storage service that allows you to access your data anywhere. OneDrive is what you need as it integrates with Microsoft Office, so it’s one of the best available apps for attorneys who use Microsoft products. 

It also keeps all of your data secure, which is of paramount importance as an attorney. 


Dropbox is a great tool for attorneys who want to store documents and other files in the cloud. It features a simple interface and keeps all of your documents secure with tight security protocols that allow you to respect the confidentiality of your clients. 


Another fantastic document storage app for attorneys. It offers searches in documents for accounts at the enterprise level, so you can find everything you need fast. Also, Box uses encryption and other methods, so your documents are always secure. ;


When you review documents digitally, you need a versatile PDF reader that lets you highlight, redline, and add comments and notes to documents. This is a great tool that syncs apps such as Dropbox so you can store legal case documents in a 100% secure environment. 


Attorney-client privilege is vital in legal circles, but it’s rare to hear about attorneys’ privacy discussed as critical, as well. 

This is one place where RingCentral delivers. With the RingCentral app, you can take a phone call with your clients on their smartphones, but it masks your cell phone number. 

So, you don’t need multiple phone connections to manage work and personal phone calls. You can provide the same virtual number to clients, and they won’t know your personal cell phone number. 

That’s only one advantage of RingCentral for law firms. Also, use RingCentral on your cell phone to send team messages to manage your caseloads, collaborate on legal projects, and share files in the app. 


This is a handy document management app that allows you to organize legal case files, emails, and other confidential files. 

NetDocuments comes loaded with features that allow your legal team easy and secure collaboration. For example, it’s fully integrated with Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Acrobat, and excellent so you have a consistent data flow across all key platforms. 

Also, you can share case files with all stakeholders inside and outside your law firm. Also, it has a search feature that lets you retrieve vital information in your data system. 

With the app, you can avoid problems with more than two people working on the same document at once. For instance, the check-in tool ensures that other people on the team can’t overwrite what you did unless you check out of the document. 

Be sure to try some of these fantastic apps today to get more done at your law firm.