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Tickets explained: What do different tickets mean?

25th July 2021 Print

So, it’s your first time travelling after the pandemic but, you’re unsure which train tickets to purchase. Maybe the idea of going First Class is attractive but, you’re not sure if it’s worth it. Perhaps you are travelling with family and want to know what discounts are on offer to save some money. Lucky for you, we have condensed all you need to know into a handy guide to get you started. 

What is the difference between First and Second class? 

The first notable difference between First and Second Class is the price of your ticket. You will typically pay more for a First-Class ticket. However, if you travel off-peak, you may get one for a significantly reduced price and you can upgrade your ticket to First Class on certain journeys, as long as it's before you board your train. Nonetheless, you get what you pay for with First-Class travel and these are just some of the perks they have on offer. 

Complimentary food and drinks – Whilst travelling in a First-Class carriage, you will be offered an array of food and drinks that are all included in your ticket price. Typically, services change their offerings dependant on the time of day your travel, so there will always be something on offer to suit your needs.

Extra Space – With exclusivity comes reduced numbers and more space within your carriage. Not only do you have more space to enjoy your journey, but you can even recline your seat to – for that extra slice of luxury. 

Other complimentary extras of first class include complimentary newspapers and WIFI  

GroupSave Tickets 

Whether you are going on a girl’s trip away or spending the weekend with your family, save money when you travel with others by purchasing a GroupSave ticket. If you travel in a group of 3-9 people, you could save up to 34% on your UK rail fares – it’s as simple as that, as with group save tickets you don’t need to have anything extra like a national railcard all you to be is to be travelling with the whole group that you booked your tickets with.

Anytime Tickets 

Know your destination but are unsure of when to travel? An Anytime Ticket could be perfect for you. Book your ticket and enjoy the flexibility of travelling whenever you want with no time restrictions. You can even break your journey and board a new train to complete your journey. There are several anytime ticket options available including Anytime single and return and Anytime return all dependent on what you travel itinerary is.

Season Tickets 

If you travel to and from the same stations more than 2-3 times a week, then a season ticket could save you some money. These tickets are available for most short and Medium journeys but are generally not available for long distance journeys. Choose between a Weekly, Monthly and Flexi Season Ticket and enjoy unlimited travel between those two stations whenever you need it.