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Is your electronic component supplier reliable?

2nd August 2021 Print

When ordering electronic components online it isn’t always easy to tell if the website you choose is reliable. It’s all too easy to get drawn in by companies who have attractive offers but don’t deliver on quality. Over time, this will hurt your business and cause your customers to lose faith in your products and solutions. Sometimes problems with parts won’t make themselves known until it’s too late, which could mean an entire product line will be out of commission.

The good news is there are lots of ways you can check and double-check how legitimate your supplier is. We have some helpful tips that will allow you to make the best decision for your business. Here are all the factors you should be considering before committing to a new supplier.


The supplier you choose needs to be transparent about where their components come from. Reliable companies typically have a list of all the electronic part manufacturers they work with along with information that allows you to trace parts back to their origins. This helps you to understand where your parts are coming from, what they’re made of and who was responsible for quality checking them. Your supplier should also be able to prove that their components adhere to safety regulations.

If a supplier hasn’t listed any of this information, it’s probably best to steer clear. But if you think this company has something special to offer you, contact them and ask for evidence. If the documentation the company provides doesn’t seem legitimate or they fail to provide any at all, it’s time to move on.


Looking at reviews customers have left about your supplier of choice can help you to understand more about the quality of their service and products. This is especially true if the reviews are left on a third-party website, as reviews on the company website may be altered. You can also search blogs and forums to find in-depth honest opinions, but bear in mind that some blogs may be sponsored. Blogs with clear pros and cons that are free from affiliate links will likely give an honest opinion.


You can tell a lot about a business by simply looking at their website. It should look professional, be easy to use and have an SSL certificate. You can tell if the site is secure by looking for the little padlock symbol next to the URL. If this is missing, inputting your details and payment information could leave you exposed to identity theft. Small things like spelling mistakes and inconsistencies in pricing and dates could also be red flags. After all, if a business can’t properly maintain its website how can it be expected to deliver high-quality electronic components to customers?

Is Buying Online Worth It?

Despite any concerns you might have, buying electronic components online is well worth the effort. Once you’ve found a supplier you can trust, buying the parts you need is incredibly quick and easy.