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These online tools can help you with money management

27th September 2021 Print

Online money management is the way of the future! You can accomplish basic money management tasks on your laptop in the comfort of your own home. What tasks exactly? Take a look. 


Making a budget from scratch might not be so appealing for you. Maybe it’s because you’re not confident in your ability to track your finances and make accurate calculations. Maybe it’s because you don’t want to learn how to use spreadsheet programs. Whatever your reason for avoiding a budget, don’t worry — the top budgeting apps will change your mind. 

Modern budgeting apps are easy to use, so even the most mathematically averse can manage to fill out the information with confidence. They can connect to your bank accounts for real-time expense tracking. And they can help you carefully categorize your goals, watch your progress and learn important financial advice. They can do so much more than a spreadsheet. 


Sometimes you don’t have enough in your budget to cover an important expense. What can you do when there’s an emergency? What if your car breaks down or your refrigerator stops working? How do you deal with it?

One option available to you is applying for a personal loan online. If you’re approved for the personal loan, you can use the funds to cover the emergency expense quickly and resolve the problem right away. Then, you can repay the borrowed funds at a comfortable pace.

It’s important to remember that not every online loan will be available in your state. So, you should do your best to search for options that are accessible to your location. For example, you would look for online loans in Tennessee if you lived in Nashville or Memphis. This simple step will make your application process much faster. 

Paying Friends

There are lots of scenarios where you will owe your friends money. You’ll owe them after they pay the entire bill at the restaurant, when they buy a concert ticket for you, or when they settle the table’s tab at the bar. In these scenarios, you will want to pay them back right away — but what if you don’t have exact change? 

This is an easily solvable problem! You can use money-transfer apps to send them exactly what you owe (down to the penny). Now your friends don’t have to wait patiently — or not so patiently — for you to repay them.

Cutting Costs

Maybe you realize that your budget is a little too tight for your liking, and you need to cut costs. Are there online tools that can help you achieve this goal? Of course! 

There are apps like Truebill and Trim that will go through your bank accounts to find signs of unused subscriptions that you should finally cancel. There are apps like Gasbuddy that will help you find the cheapest gas in your area so that you save money whenever you fill up your car. There are excellent browser extensions for online shopping that will help you compare prices and get the best discounts by the time you reach the checkout page. Use all of these tools to cut your monthly costs.

Money management tasks are a breeze with these online tools. After trying them, you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without them.

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