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Personal injury claims: Important steps you should take

28th September 2021 Print

A personal injury claim is a legal action brought by someone who has suffered harm at the hands of another person or company. Most often, this type of case involves medical malpractice claims or other negligence cases. If you're seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else's wrongdoing, your best course of action will usually be to start a personal injury claim against that party. A successful claim can help you recover money damages for your injuries and other losses related to the accident. Below are some important steps you should take if you've suffered a serious personal injury.

Seek Medical Attention

You should get immediate medical attention for your injuries after the accident takes place. At a minimum, you should report any serious injury to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible, even if you're not sure that it's serious at first. They'll be able to tell whether you have a major injury and can treat it. If you know that an injury isn't going to show up right away but is something that needs proper care, later on, put off seeing a doctor until it becomes apparent that there's been some damage or risk of permanent harm from the condition. 

In either case, keep yourself under observation so someone else can be aware of your condition changes in any way.  Even if you don't think your injuries are very severe at first, don't worry - it could later turn out that you had an internal injury or something else that wasn't apparent right away.

Gather Evidence for Your Claim

As soon as possible after the accident takes place, collect all of the evidence you can to prove your case. Take photographs of anything at the scene that might be relevant to the case, including any damage done, measurements of distance required for injuries to take place, and anything else that has bearing on your claim. 

You should also take down personal information about any witnesses who saw what happened so they can be contacted later. If there were security cameras in the area where the accident took place, take a look at them if possible because they might have recorded the accident, including exact times and dates.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

After you've gathered evidence for your injury claim, it's time to call a lawyer. This is especially true if you live in Perth because WA Compensation Lawyers are your best bet to win. It may seem like this happens at the last minute because it can take some time to find an attorney who will be willing to work with you, but finding a firm that specializes in personal injury cases is important if you want to receive the best possible representation. 

There are many law offices that offer free initial consultations so you'll be able to get advice from legal professionals without having to pay anything out-of-pocket. If they agree that you have grounds for a successful case, they'll take on your case and help facilitate everything else involved in filing a claim.

It pays to know what you're looking for in an attorney before you call to make sure that your interests are put first. You may want someone who has won several cases like yours, or possibly someone who will take the case on no win no fee (where you don't pay unless they get money for you). Another thing to consider is how long the firm has been working with personal injury cases like yours - if it's less than five years, then there could be something to worry about.

As long as the firm will dedicate enough time and resources to proving your innocence, chances are good that they'll do everything necessary to win the case. And even if nothing comes of it, at least you'll have had free legal advice and gathered important information about your rights.

Take Care of Yourself While You Wait for the Case to Finish

After you've talked to a lawyer and they agree that you have a case, they'll file documents with court officials, and then it's up to them to do what they need to build the strongest possible argument based on your evidence. If nothing else, this means waiting around for months as everything is put into place - but until then, go back to living life as normally as possible. 


Be observant of any changes in your condition. Keep gathering evidence until you find a lawyer to take on your case. Once the process begins, wait patiently for things to be set into motion. If you follow these steps once an accident happens, then it will pay off later when you get the money you deserve for your injuries and other related expenses. 

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