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BMW Owners: Why you need an extended warranty

24th December 2021 Print

If you own a BMW, you know that it's a keeper. 

But are you protecting your investment? Like any other expensive item, your car needs protection, and an extended warranty is the best way to do that. With an extended warranty, you can relax knowing that any problems with your car will be taken care of by the warranty company. It protects you from the high costs of unexpected car repairs. 

Here is why you need an extended warranty.

Peace of Mind

No one wants to have any unexpected car repairs. It erodes your peace of mind and can even be a real source of stress if the problem is serious. An extended warranty provides a sense of security because it covers repairs due to accidents, collisions with animals or objects, hail damage, theft, breakage in the engine, malfunctioning electric components, and any other unforeseen damage.

It Pays for Itself

How much is the value of your car? Even if it's worth £10,000 or more, you should still buy an extended warranty because it will eventually pay for itself. If you are financing your vehicle, purchasing a BMW extended warranty is a loan requirement. You're actually doing yourself a disservice by not buying one.

Your Car is an Important Investment

Your car is important to you for many reasons- it gets you where you need to go, it's a status symbol, and so on. But it's also an investment which you should protect. Like you would with a house or a stock portfolio, you need to have insurance on your car. An extended warranty is just one type of car insurance that covers all the important stuff. 

Protects Future Value

What's the value of your BMW if you decide to trade it in? A lot! There are two factors that affect the resale value of your car- mileage and condition. If your vehicle looks similar to how it did when you first purchased it, you will probably get more money for it. 

And, if there are no major problems with it, that's great, too. But if any expensive repairs need to be made, that will lower the value of your car. An extended warranty protects the condition of your car and preserves its resale value.

Prevents You from Having to Pay for Repairs Out of Pocket

With an extended warranty, you don't have to pay for the repairs out of pocket. You can rest assured knowing that your warranty company will take care of it and cover all or part of the costs

If you were to pay for unexpected car repairs right now, how would you do so? Would you use your savings? Take out a loan? Sell your car? None of those are ideal solutions, but an extended warranty can prevent that from happening.

BMWs are Prone to Repairs

BMWs are high-quality cars, but – like most cars - they do have their problems. The most common issues with BMWs include the following:

- Battery failure

- Alternator failure

- Wheel bearing failure

- Ignition coil failure

- Thermostat failure

All of these repairs can be costly, so it's important to have an extended warranty in place to help cover them.


If you own a BMW, then you need an extended warranty. It's as simple as that. The peace of mind and security it provides is invaluable, and it will eventually pay for itself. Plus, your car is an important investment that you should protect. An extended warranty does just that. Protect your car and your wallet with an extended warranty today.