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Job Hunting? How to prepare for abstract reasoning tests

5th January 2022 Print

Abstract reasoning tests are more popular than ever when employing new people within an organization. Their main role is to assess your capability to draw conclusions, identify patterns and find solutions – just a matter of images, shapes and designs. You will usually need to see different shapes or designs, then predict the next ones. Abstract tests are used for all sorts of interviews, so it’s good to know them if you want to change your career path. While this type of test might sound easy, it actually gets complicated with every new challenge.

Here are a few tips and tricks to nail the test if you are about to have one.

Practice the format

If you can find the format of the test, make sure you get familiar with it. Practice on as many different tests as you can – just follow the same format. There are also many guides for abstract reasoning tests that will make them easier to ace. Become familiar with the types of questions and shapes – remember, practice makes perfect.

Check the instructions

Abstract reasoning tests are usually straightforward – most people read between the lines when it comes to the instructions. While they may seem obvious, take a deep breath and read them one more time. A single word can make the difference. There should be no funny rules, but it is better to make sure.

Look for clues

Abstract reasoning tests will always come with clues. There are a bunch of factors to keep in mind – the more clues you identify, the easier it becomes to reach your answer. Look at the current shapes, for instance. Check out the colors, the arrangement and how they actually change. Double-check the number of shapes too. You can train on identifying patterns too – after all, this is what the test is about.

Check the time

Consider the total amount of questions you need to go through, as well as the time limit. Divide the time by the number of questions and get a rough idea of how much time you are allowed to spend on each question.

Most people will focus on getting over easy questions in no time, only to spend more time on challenging questions – bad idea. Give yourself as much as it needs. If you have not managed to solve it, skip it. If you have time left, you can usually go back to it. You may have a different perspective later, so you could actually find the answer fast.

Pacing is one of the elements considered during an abstract reasoning test. You need to show that you are able to work under pressure and manage time responsibly.

Keep calm

It could be your dream job or perhaps the possibility to skyrocket your career. It is exciting and challenging. With all these, you need to keep calm. It is easy to say it and harder to do it, yet it is quite important to follow this rule.

It is perfectly normal to struggle with one question or the other. You do not have to lose confidence though – there are other people who will most likely struggle with even more questions. If you have practiced such tests before, you have a fairly good chance to succeed.

Focus against distractions

It is one thing to focus on the test and another thing to focus on distractions. Such tests gain more and more difficulty with every new question. The so-called distractions could be anything – colors, images or shapes. Their main role is to draw your attention away from the actual issue. They add a challenge to your test.

How do you fight against these distractions? Take one thing at a time. Focus on one thing only. It could be anything – color, size, orientation and so on. When seeing things in isolation, solving logical issues becomes much easier.

Follow your intuition

Some tests will try to challenge you by providing the same answer twice in a row. It does not always make sense, but it is possible. Therefore, do not try to figure out how tests work. Do not try to understand the catch – there may not be one. Simply follow your intuition if it makes sense.

Bottom line, these tips should get you ready for an abstract reasoning test. Practice as much as you can and remember, your intuition is quite important – the test is all about tricking you with different challenges and making you doubt yourself. Do not fall for such traps.