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Want the most successful small business?

15th January 2022 Print

Are you interested in being your own boss? First, it’s essential to select a business where you have the most opportunity to thrive and be profitable. 

If you’re considering which business to start, check out some of our most profitable companies below. With enough hard work and discipline, you can make money in one of these exciting industries. 

Food Trucks

If you talk to a business consultant about profitable small businesses, they may tell you about food trucks. There was a time when you had to set up a restaurant to be in the foodservice business, but those days are gone. 

Rents in large cities continue to creep higher, so opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant is challenging and risky. If that’s your passion, then you can do that for sure. But a lower-risk option that requires less upfront money is a food truck

Food trucks are an attractive and affordable solution for budding food entrepreneurs. You can purchase a used food truck when you start. Then, park it for outdoor events, meetings, farmers’ markets, and more. 

Many new business owners love the food truck concept because the overhead is reasonable. And you can move your ‘restaurant’ wherever you like. 

Hear there’s a big outdoor event two hours away? Pack up your food truck and drive there! Being able to position your foodservice business wherever people will be is a huge benefit. 

Some larger cities are already overrun with food trucks. But you can still find plenty of opportunities in smaller cities and towns with fewer restaurant options. And remember, your business is mobile, so you can always pack up and go to a neighboring community for more business. 

Courier Service

So much business is done online today. But don’t take that to mean people don’t need documents and packages delivered anymore. Delivering packages between companies may be handled by FedEx and others, but there are still opportunities for small courier companies in major cities. 

If you focus on the downtown area, you might even provide courier services by bicycle. 

Electronic Device Repair

You may have noticed that Americans have a lot of electronic devices today. Millions of people spend six or more hours per day viewing the screen on a PC, cell phone, or tablet. But, unfortunately, the widespread use of devices means that people’s lives are at a standstill when something goes wrong. 

That’s where a mobile electronic repair company comes into play. With a mobile repair service, you can provide affordable and on-time solutions for broken Android screens, laptop batteries, computer hard drive failures, and so much more. 

Plus, being mobile is a huge convenience to your customers, and they’ll give you more business if you can go to them. 

You do need some electronic tools and equipment to get rolling. But being mobile keeps your overhead low. 

Online Tutoring

Many children are learning online during the COVID-19 era. Unfortunately, while online learning from school works for many, some kids have fallen behind. 

This is an excellent opportunity for you to provide kids and teens with help with their homework. If you have mathematics, English, or a foreign language skills, you can probably find online tutoring clients. 

Working online means you can work with children from anywhere. In addition, once you develop skills and expertise in a subject area, you can expand to others by hiring employees. 

Personal Trainer

Do you love to work out and take care of yourself? Then you may be able to parlay your passion for fitness into a profitable small business. Personal training can be your way to work for yourself. 

Many personal trainers make about $50 per hour and require little overhead. 

Property Management

This isn’t a glamorous job. But real estate investors who buy apartment buildings and single-family homes need property managers to collect rent, find tenants, and maintain the properties. 

There will always be a need for property management professionals to handle these tasks so landlords can develop their businesses. 

If you’re handy, you can do some property repairs yourself. But if you aren’t interested in getting your hands dirty, that’s fine. You can simply oversee maintenance and repairs. 

It’s essential to get the best tenants in the properties. This is best for everyone; you’re the one who will have to deal with a non-paying tenant and evict them. But if you screen tenants carefully by background, credit, and income, most problems can be avoided. 

You may get paid by the hour or salary. It’s typical for property managers to receive 10% of the monthly rent for the property. 

Business-To-Business Services

Are you good at graphic design or writing? Then you may be a good fit to offer business-to-business services. Many small companies may not want to hire a full-time employee to handle many of their administrative and technical needs. 

As a freelancer, you have the freedom to take on as many clients as you want. If you are overworked, you can even hire other freelancers to work for you. 

Some of the business freelance niches that are most profitable today include: 

- Writers

- Blockchain programmers

- Data scientists

- Social media coordinators

- Graphic designers

You may want to charge a lower rate for your services when you start your business. But after you develop a reputation, you can raise prices. 


Not every homeowner wants to spend hours per week maintaining their lawn and shrubs. But most do want their lawns to look attractive. 

That’s why a landscaping business can be so profitable. If you are interested in landscaping and gardening, this can be an excellent fit for you. All you need to get going is a lawnmower, weedeater, a few shovels, and rakes, etc. 

The US economy has changed a lot over the past 30 years. As a result, more Americans have decided to forgo working for companies and start their own. One of the keys to long-term success is selecting a small business with reasonable expenses. Another is finding an industry where there is plenty of demand. 

The ideas outlined above are some of the best small businesses to start today. Hopefully, one of them sparks interest, and you can start running your own company.