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How a photobooth can be a party showstopper!

24th March 2022 Print

If you will be hosting a large celebration, it’s crucial that you have the right entertainment available to make your guests happy. Of course, this will include music, dancing, and a multitude of snacks. 

But if you want to make your event even more memorable, it’s time to think outside of the box – or maybe we should say, inside the photobooth. Help to preserve memories by including a photobooth in your celebrations, with which people can take fun snapshots with their friends and family. 

So, with no further ado, here are some reasons why you should arrange for the presence of a photobooth when you are next planning a party.  

1. Preserving memories

When you are hosting a large event, it’s likely that you’re going to have a photographer snapping some photogenic shots of the party. However, in some circumstances, you may not want to have the perfect image. Instead, you may wish to capture the memory of the sheer fun of the event. 

You can do this through a photobooth. You can create memories of having fun with your friends that are enhanced with filters and accessories. These photos can be printed off immediately, so that you and the attendees of your party will be able to take them home as soon as they are snapped. 

2. Small photographs

Whether you want to opt for complete photobooth hire in London or a smaller selfie box, one of the best things about photobooths is that they don’t have to print off massive photographs. Instead, they can print off smaller ones that can be kept in your wallet, in miniature picture frames or even in keyrings! 

In some cases, you can even have a photobooth that comes with the option of the clients being able to buy accessories to place the photographs in, if they want to take home a memory outside of a strip of pictures.

3. Spontaneous pictures

Having a paid photographer can lead to having fairly ‘scripted’ pictures that can be placed in your home. However, having a photobooth is a great way to take pictures that are pretty ‘spur of the moment’. This means you will be able to have pictures that are from the perspective of your guests, rather than from the perspective of a trained photographer. 

4. Simple tools

The photobooths that are typically widely available for hire are usually very easy to use. Whether they have a touch screen or a few buttons to select the photograph option, your guests will be able to use it when they fancy it, even if they are drunk. 

Nowadays, a lot of the photobooths available are touchscreen, so they will be simple enough for your party attendees to operate in order to get a great photograph. 

5. Online extensions

You don’t just have to print off a photo in a photobooth. Additionally, you can send your photographs into the online world! This includes onto social media platforms and into photo albums, and via email. That way, you can have a physical and virtual memory that you can share with other people! 

6. Party favours

If you are looking for a cost-effective option to provide your guests with party favours, you can have a free photograph from a photobooth to help them remember your event. You can even have the photograph personalised so that they always look back happily on the party.

There you have it; just some of the ways in which photobooths can be a true showstopper at a party, more than you might realise. And with so many options for photobooth hire on the market, you will be sure to easily find the one that best meets the requirements of your own upcoming event. Don’t hesitate to contact Event Rhino today, so that we can discuss your options with you.