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Happy hearts make for happy minds

9th May 2022 Print

With World Mental Health Awareness Week starting on the 10th May, it’s an important time for people to surround themselves with what makes them happy – and according to new research, it is romantic partners who make Brits happier than anyone else in their lives.

A survey of 2,010 UK adults carried out by One4all Gift Cards, the UK’s leading multi-store gift card, quizzed respondents on which people in their lives make them happiest.

More than half (53%) reported that it was their wife, husband or life partner who took the number one spot - trumping even their children (49%).

Men and women were more or less agreed on this subject, with only a slight (2%) majority of women confessing this to be the case.

Children (49%), friends (34%), parents (26%) and siblings (19%) followed in the top five people who made them happiest – showing for many, fun and laughter with your pals is more special than time with your immediate family.

In addition, while 32% said people being affectionate pleases them, 77% do not feel that they needed to be in a long-term or romantic relationship to feel happy - suggesting that despite this, many Brits are holding onto their independence until they find the right person. 

Lou Hickey, Marketing Director at One4all Gift Cards commented: “It’s interesting to see that overall, the nation’s life partner relationships make them happier than anyone else - even more than their children. This could in part be down to the fact that their relationships with their partners are much more equal than those between parents and kids.

“Whether it’s your children, partner, or even your friends, who make you happy, World Mental Health Awareness Week is an important time to check in on your loved ones and surround yourself with the people and things that give you the most joy.”

Nottingham residents valued their partners more than any other UK city (63%) but were closely followed by those in Plymouth (61%) and Glasgow (60%).

Brummies (59%) and Leeds locals (57%) followed in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

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