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Nationwide launches new issue of its Triple Access Online ISA paying a highly competitive 1.00%

13th May 2022 Print

Nationwide Building Society is launching a new issue of its 1 Year Triple Access Online ISA paying a highly competitive 1.00% AER/tax-free (variable) for 12 months.

At the same time, the Society will also be introducing a new issue of its 1 Year Triple Access Online Saver, which will also pay an increased rate of 1.00% AER/gross per annum (variable).

The 1 Year Triple Access Online ISA accepts transfers in, so members can transfer balances from either another Nationwide ISA or from an ISA account with another provider to benefit from the increased rate.

Both 1 Year Triple Access accounts allow three withdrawals during the 12-month term. Subsequent withdrawals will revert the interest rate to 0.10% for the remainder of the period. After 12 months, these accounts automatically switch to one of Nationwide’s instant access accounts.

The accounts can be opened and managed online via the website, Internet Bank and Mobile Banking App and have a minimum operating balance of £1.

Fixed Rate products

On Friday 13 May, Nationwide will also be launching new issues of its one-year fixed rate ISAs, Bonds and Online Bonds plus three and five-year Online Bonds.

The new rates are:

1 Year Fixed Rate ISA – 1.10% AER/tax-free (fixed)

1 Year Fixed Rate Bond/Online Bond – 1.10% AER/gross per annum (fixed)

3 Year Fixed Rate Online Bond – 2.00% AER/gross per annum (fixed)

5 Year Fixed Rate Online Bond – 2.10% AER/gross per annum (fixed)

The rates are available for balances of £1 or more and monthly interest options are available on fixed rate ISAs and bonds (excluding online bonds) for those who prefer to get a regular income from their savings. The Society’s Fixed Rate ISAs also accept transfers in, so people can move ISA balances from other providers or from an existing Nationwide ISA.

Fixed Rate ISAs can be opened via branch, while existing members can also open accounts via Nationwide’s Internet Bank or Banking app. Savers can open Bonds in branch, while Online Bonds can be opened via the website, Internet Bank and Banking app.

Tom Riley, Director of Banking and Savings at Nationwide Building Society, said: “ISAs remain an important product for many savers, as interest earnt on a cash ISA doesn’t count towards your Personal Savings Allowance. Our new Triple Access Online ISA will offer a market-leading rate from a brand savers know and trust. For those who want to save outside of an ISA, we are also increasing the rate on our Triple Access Online Saver. We like to give savers a choice of fixed rates, which is why we are also launching a new range of one, three and five-year fixed rate products.”

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