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A new style of travel? Why solo travel tours are now popular in 2022

26th May 2022 Print

Statistics indicate that Google searches for the term “solo travel” nearly tripled in the period between January 2015 and January 2020 – and with the effects of the pandemic on travel having now largely eased, we wouldn’t be surprised if that growth is continuing in 2022. 

Since travel is a lot less restricted than it was a year or two ago, it seems that more and more of us are planning our next venturous voyage or relaxing retreat to escape any worries we may have at home. Travelling alone can be the ultimate way to work on yourself, boost your confidence and find out more about what you want from life. 

Solo travel tours are becoming increasingly popular, with more voyagers seeking to reap the benefits of solo travel, such as the opportunity to discover new people and possibilities. 

There are many travel packages and companies out there, such as SurfYogaBeer, that offer exhilarating solo travel tours tailored to suit a wide range of preferences and needs. 

But what is it about this style of travel that has led to such strong popularity in recent times? We thought we’d take a closer look at the real factors behind solo travelling’s considerable appeal. 

Benefits of solo travel

Not all of us have someone who we can travel and venture on our dream journeys with. This could be because you don’t know many people who you could travel with, or because your friend or partner has travel fears or isn’t a fan of travel. Either way, not everyone has the choice to travel with someone else, so solo travel is the alternative

One of the biggest strengths of solo travelling is not having to cater to everyone else's plans and desires, but only your own. You can do as you wish. Being alone allows you to work on yourself; you'll learn some things about yourself that you didn't know before advancing on your solo trip. Travelling alone allows you to do whatever you want, boosting your happiness and morale completely, while also allowing you to value your surroundings.

You will also meet new people when travelling on your own, because you're more likely to interact with locals and make new connections with other travellers who share similar experiences, and will be forced to become more sociable. 

However, travelling alone doesn’t always allow you to share these benefits, which is why you might have reason to be particularly interested in solo travel tours.

Solo travel tours – a new style of travelling

Solo travel tours are a new type of travel that allows solo travellers to meet other unaccompanied voyagers and form connections with them, allowing them to make memories with each other that will last forever. 

Travelling alone has never been so exciting and easy, with the popularisation of solo travel tours giving you another way to unite with other adventurers of the same mindset and discover new sights and possibilities. 

The groups on these tours aren't too large, so you will be able to form a bond from the get-go, and travelling will be made more fun. Although you will be grouped with other ambitious individuals, you will still be able to learn about yourself and others, and will be destined to step outside of your comfort zone to get to know and have fun with strangers who will soon become friends.

With its thrilling adventures, exciting bond-building opportunities, and simple process which almost guarantees an incredible experience, it is easy to see why solo travel tours are now so very popular. To get in on the hype, you don’t need to look far; simply point your browser to SurfYogaBeer to discover your own next adventure.