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Can air conditioning make you sick? 3 common signs & dealing with them

26th July 2022 Print
air conditioning

Your air conditioning is supposed to cool, heat, and clean the air that comes into your home. It will be devastating if a machine meant to improve your health does the opposite. An air conditioner cannot make you sick, but it can create an environment that makes it easier for you to get sick. 

If you are often getting sick and the reason why is hard to establish, you should examine your AC unit. 

The following are common signs that your air conditioning is making your health worse and how to deal with them:

Catching Colds

If you are catching colds often and there is little sign of anything causing them, it could be due to your AC. Some people like their homes to be cold but, unfortunately, set the thermostat too low. In other cases, your thermostat may have an issue causing exceedingly cold air to flow into your apartment. 

If so, you should be vigilant about the thermostat settings and ensure they are conducive to your health. Suppose your AC is blowing cold air despite your thermostat setting. In that case, you should get air conditioning repair from ARS because it signifies something is wrong with your AC. They may have to fine-tune the AC or replace a damaged part to ensure it produces the correct temperature air.

Respiratory Issues

If your home or office is an environment full of contaminants and dirt, it is a conducive place for mold and bacteria to grow. Whenever you use your AC in such an environment, you are essentially circulating contaminants in the room, making it easier for them to get into your body and cause you harm. 

These harmful elements will cause respiratory issues for those who breathe them, including asthma, colds, and sinus infections. You can avoid these respiratory issues by cleaning your environment. An air purifier will also be a helpful aid in this regard. 

These respiratory issues could also be caused by the AC itself because, if not properly maintained, it can be an excellent breeding ground for harmful substances like viruses and bacteria. 

Therefore, you should ensure you properly maintain your AC and clean it often. You should especially clean and relapse your AC unit’s air filters because they are responsible for purifying the air in your home.

Aching Joints and Bones

If you feel your joints and bones aching regularly, it is a sign that you are experiencing a lot of colds. It could lead to more severe issues like arthritis because bones and joints weaken when cold. 

Therefore, if you notice you are often feeling chills or shivering at home and changing the thermostat does not make it better, there may be a problem with your AC, making you sick. It would be best to improve your AC’s efficiency or change it altogether. It will help ensure your bones and joints stay healthy, reduce energy costs, and save money. 

Your AC could not make you sick directly, but it can promote the development of health issues. If you are constantly getting cold, experiencing respiratory disorders, and aching joints & bones, you should evaluate your AC unit. The sooner you do, the less severe the illness will be.

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