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Here are 9 investment options that you can safely rely on

13th August 2022 Print

If you have some savings, then investing is a fantastic way of increasing their value and ensuring that they are protected against threats like inflation (which is on the rise at the moment). However, just because investing’s effective does not mean that it is easy.

If you want to protect your savings, then you need to invest your money carefully. By virtue of being on this page, it’s highly likely that you have little to no investing experience. Don’t worry though, because this post’s got you covered. Here are nine investment options that you can safely rely on:

Precious Metals

Precious metals are a very sensible investment to make because they nearly always appreciate in value. Most people only ever consider gold for metal investment, but palladium is good as a metal to invest in because it retains its value and also increases in price. Palladium has a lot of industrial uses, making it great for long-term investments. Another metal that’s great for investing in is silver, which like gold, appreciates in value (though not as much as gold does).


Cryptocurrency is a good investment for people that don’t mind taking risks. Obviously, the downside to investing in crypto is that it tends to fluctuate in price wildly, making it a somewhat risky investment. Some cryptocurrencies have seen dramatic price increases in the past though, so if you’re willing to take the inherent risk that comes along with crypto trading, then you could make a lot of money. It’s a good idea to take some time to research how to invest in crypto sensibly before you take it up. The internet’s swarming with instructional guides and videos detailing how to get started with crypto investment.

Stocks and Shares

Stocks and shares, like crypto, are a great type of investment, as long as you’re not concerned about potential price fluctuations. Unlike crypto, stocks and shares make for great long-term investments, because big companies’ stocks tend to increase along with their popularity. The problem with crypto is that it needs to be monitored on an almost daily basis since price decreases are common. When it comes to stocks and shares, however, you can leave your investment alone. It is a good idea to hire an investment manager or planner to work with you if you have no previous investment experience since they can help you to make better decisions.

Property Investing

Property investment is most people’s dream, but unfortunately due to the high price of property in the United States today, is unachievable for most people. If you are fortunate enough to have enough money to buy property, then property investment is something that’s most definitely worth considering. One of the greatest advantages of property investment is that property always appreciates in value unless you are unfortunate enough to buy expensive property in a neighbourhood that suddenly becomes infested with crime and drugs. Assuming that doesn’t happen then your investment will increase in value.

Buying Clothing

A form of investment that’s sadly overlooked is clothing. Buying certain items of clothing can be a fantastic long-term investment, as long as they are looked after. The difficulty with buying clothes as an investment is that it can be very hard to maintain and look after clothes, especially due to things like clothes moths and carpet beetles. If your clothes are made from natural materials, then clothes moths and carpet beetles can significantly reduce the quality and appearance of your clothing, which will then in turn reduce their value and prevent you from being able to sell them for a profit.


Antique Rugs

A lot of the world’s most sensible investors buy antique rugs. Antique rugs always appreciate in value. If you are interested in investing in antique carpets, then it’s a very good idea to invest in Caucasian carpets, instead of Persian ones. At the moment, Armenian and Caucasian rugs are very popular with investors and can achieve massive prices. You can find good deals on Caucasian and Armenian rugs if you shop at an auction, although you should be aware that you could find yourself competing directly with professional rug dealers in auctions, which means you could end up having to pay a lot more than an item’s predicted sale amount.

Collecting Books

Collecting books is a good way to protect your savings, however, the difficulty with books is that you have to look after them and maintain them, which can be a lot of work. It can be fun though since you get more books to read. One of the hardest things about looking after and maintaining one’s books is ensuring that they don’t get wet or creased. If you have very rare books, then you will want to store them in an environment that’s not too humid and not too dry. Collecting books is something that you should seek out advice about so that you know what to buy. You could consult a professional book dealer.

Old Porcelain

Old and antique porcelain can also be very valuable. If you are interested in investing in this kind of thing, then you may want to consider investing in antique Persian tiles. At the minute, antique Persian tiles are very popular. Iznik tiles in particular can command huge sums of money. Buying at auction is the best way to pick up Iznik and other Persian tiles without having to worry about paying high dealer premiums. Other types of old porcelain that command a lot of money are Japanese and Chinese items.

One-off Items

Lastly, if it’s possible for you to, then try to invest in one-off items, like sneaker collaborations. Travis Scott’s footwear collaborations with Nike can be very valuable in the resale market. If you are going to try and buy this kind of item, then you may want to use a bot to help you. The reason for this is that there are usually a lot of people fighting to buy these exclusive items at the same time, which means that it can be impossible to pick them up yourself because you won’t get to the front of the queue. A bot can get you to the front.

If you want to invest in things to protect your money, then you need to find the right investments. You mustn’t take any shortcuts or invest in anything that’s not going to totally protect your investment. If you try to, then you could end up losing money.

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