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MORE TH>N offers free breakdown cover with motor policy

20th January 2007 Print

When it comes to breaking down, it appears we are a nation that crosses our fingers and hopes for the best.

According to new research released today by MORE TH>N insurance, 1.3 million motorists are not covered for breakdowns as they find it too expensive. Eight million British drivers would rely on their friends and family if they were to break down, and nearly one in ten (9 per cent) believe that their cars are reliable and won’t break down. This could be a costly gamble though, as MORE TH>N predicts that at least one in five British motorists can expect to breakdown this year at some point.

The research was released to mark the launch of MORE TH>N’s free breakdown cover to all new motor customers for the first year, available from 20 January 2007. The cover, called Roadside Assistance, typically costs around £30 and includes:

Provision of assistance for up to 1 hour at the roadside to try to make the car roadworthy

If the car cannot be repaired at the roadside, it will be recovered, along with the driver and passengers, and taken to the nearest repairer within 10 miles

Provision of emergency assistance if the car runs out of fuel. MORE TH>N will take replacement fuel to the customer

Emergency assistance in the event of a flat battery, flat tyre or if incorrect fuel is accidentally put in the car

Emergency assistance if the customer accidentally locks their keys in the car.

This service resonates with British drivers, as the research reveals that one in ten (9 per cent) drivers on the roads are not prepared to pay anything for breakdown cover, with only 16 per cent prepared to pay up to £30.

Mike Holliday-Williams, managing director at MORE TH>N, commented: “At MORE TH>N we’re always looking for ways we can do more to protect our customers. We know that a large number of motorists break down each year, so we wanted to make sure they can get help when they need it most. ”

For those wanting more comprehensive cover, MORE TH>N has three additional levels of cover and is offering customers the chance to upgrade for half the normal price.

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