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Don't let your no claims discount get lost on your second motor

26th March 2008 Print
Choosing one of the many insurers that doesn't allow drivers to mirror their no claims discount will typically add 67 per cent or more to a premium.

Analysis by price comparison site shows ten of the UK's biggest insurance groups are evenly split between those that allow you to use your no claims discount again when buying a second car and those that don't. Other major insurers will assess whether or not to allow mirroring on a case-by-case basis or attach conditions.

Being able to mirror your no claims discount is desirable when a couple who have shared a car for years decide to buy a second car. In the case of buying a Vauxhall Astra, a 30-year-old female who can mirror her husband's NCD would expect to pay less than £230 for insurance. Whereas insurers that don't allow mirroring would typically charge between £370 and £550 for an annual premium.

Richard Mason, director of insurance at, said: "It is a little known fact that many insurers now allow you to mirror your no claims discount from one car to the next.

"The most common question on our forums is 'why can't I use my no claims discount on two cars?' It is a good question and thankfully one that more and more insurers are starting to wake up to.

"If you are thinking of having more than one car in your household, it is prudent to choose an insurer that allows you to make the most of your NCD. Hopefully all insurers will soon follow suit on this.

"Motorists with more than one vehicle should be aware of insurers such as Swiftcover and Virgin that do allow you to fully benefit from your safe driving record."