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Lloyds TSB Insurance quirkiest claims of 2008

6th January 2009 Print

Working for Britain's most popular home insurance provider, Lloyds TSB Insurance claims advisers are accustomed to receiving some ‘out of the ordinary' claims.

However, as the insurer's annual round up of quirky claims demonstrates, 2008 saw more than a few raised eyebrows in the office.

Among the most unusual claims revealed by Lloyds TSB Insurance were:

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the TV: Not content with rifling through the Radio Times, some of us have resorted to taking pot-shots at the TV set. We were blown away when we received a call from one customer who had "shot the TV". As it turns out, the gentleman in question refurbishes old guns for friends and didn't realise that the one he was holding was loaded.

Magpie with bad eyesight: It was a case of ‘one for sorrow' for an unfortunate customer who woke up to see a lone eagle-eyed magpie fly into his room, pick up a pair of spectacles in its beak and promptly fly back out of the window.

Nothing gets in the way of passion...: Explained one of our customers, who rang up to report a broken bed and bedpost - leaving one claims handler rather red faced.

Drains of shame: Standing water can be a huge problem in the garden - well at least that's what one of our customers thought. When our claims handlers went to inspect the garden, they discovered a puddle of another sort. In fact the customer's pet poodle had found a favourite spot to relieve itself; not a leaking drain or pipe in sight.

An X-rated robbery: An over zealous thief took a shine to a collection of adult toys - taking aback one claims advisor who received the receipts for the stolen goods.

In addition to the claims featured above, with more of us owning flash mobile phones, MP3 players and laptops, incidents involving such items featured heavily in the 2008 claims list; whether they were thrown down the toilet, submerged in the bath, put in the dishwasher or given a wash on the full spin cycle.

Phil Loney, managing director, Lloyds TSB Insurance, said: "I never cease to be intrigued by the variety of claims we receive day in, day out. Our 2008 quirky claims round-up highlights that it's truly impossible to predict what's around the corner and whilst it's important to take sensible security, maintenance and safety steps, having a good insurance policy is vital to ensure long term peace of mind.

"We take pride in making our insurance policies clear and simple to understand so that when the unpredictable does happen you know what you're covered for."