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Enjoy a cracking Christmas with ASDA's savings scheme

17th October 2008 Print
With Christmas just 12 weeks away and the Credit Crunch showing no signs of relenting, families everywhere are feeling the pinch, and undoubtedly many are worrying how they will pay for Christmas.

One way to ensure your family doesn't miss out on all their favourite festive treats and trimmings, is to set aside a few pounds every week with ASDA's Christmas Savings Scheme.

The key benefit for customers saving £144 with the scheme is receiving a tax-free £6 bonus on November 17th, which they can redeem against purchases in any ASDA store in the run up to the big day.

ASDA's savings scheme was set up to provide customers with a simple and secure way to save money for Christmas, whilst helping to alleviate some of the strain on families trying to pay for the rising cost of Christmas.

By setting aside the small change from the weekly shop with a quick swipe at the till, customers can see the value of their cards grow in no time at all, leaving them able to buy all the festive nibbles, drinks and decorations they're used to enjoying for a truly memorable Christmas.

ASDA's Head of Financial Services, Gev Lynott said: "ASDA's Christmas Savings Scheme is the perfect way to give families a helping hand this Christmas and it couldn't be simpler to put away that spare change at the checkout.

We're all feeling the pinch this year and this easy solution to saving is a great way to ensure your family can enjoy the great festive celebration they deserve."

Customers can use their savings to purchase their weekly ASDA shop or select Christmas gifts from ASDA's extensive range of electrical goods, music and DVDs, home and leisure items, or the George clothing range.

The savings scheme card is available at checkouts and customer services desks in all of ASDA's 356 stores across the UK.