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Put HIPs on the scrap heap

22nd May 2007 Print
Commenting on the Lords Debate on Home Information Packs, Louise Cuming, head of mortgages at price comparison website, said: “The delay and amendments to HIPs adds confusion to chaos and the Government should scrap the whole concept.

“Delaying the roll-out of HIPs will not transform a poorly thought-out piece of legislation. The Government should bite the bullet and admit, in the current format, HIPs are a disaster.

"Since July's removal of the compulsory Home Condition Report (which was the only part that added any value), HIPs have been a costly distraction that do not add value to the home-buying process. Instead they add a costly layer of complication.

“The concept behind HIPs was plausible, but since watering down the legislation it has become nothing but a political slurry and the most unsupported piece of legislation I have known. The idea behind HIPs needs a complete overhaul; fragmenting and focusing on each report and treating it as a separate issue rather than this ludicrous blanket approach.

“If the Government wants to increase energy efficiency then tax breaks and incentives should be introduced, such as lowering stamp duty for homeowners who adopt energy-efficient housing practices.

"One of the main aims of HIPs was to speed up the conveyancing process, but this could be done simply by putting more emphasis on e-conveyancing.”