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Austrian named As ‘Eco-Profit’ company

7th February 2008 Print
Since 2005 Austrian has participated in the ‘EcoBusinessPlan’ initiative of the City of Vienna, as a result of the far reaching environmental strategies implemented it has been named an ‘Ecoprofit’ company.

Fuel consumption has been reduced as well as carbon emissions and waste volume has fallen by almost 50% since 2002.

Austrian Airlines Chief Executive Officer Alfred Ötsch made the following statement on the environmental consequences accomplished: “In the aviation sector, it is unavoidable to produce emissions. However, this is precisely why, in addition to commercial success, we also pay such a high level of attention to the careful use of raw materials and energies and ecological optimisation of production processes.

“In recent years, we have been able to achieve numerous successes in this regard. We are introducing new technologies for the benefit of the environment, for example, and deploy a extremely green fleet of aircraft by international comparison.”

The use of an environmentally friendly fleet has significantly reduced fuel consumption. The use of ‘winglets’ is recognised as one of the most effective measures for reducing fuel consumption and Austrian will soon become the first European carrier to install them across its entire Boeing B767 long-haul fleet. The reduction in exhaust emissions is a staggering 1,000 (approx.) of fuel per aircraft, per year.

The latest aerodynamic construction designs are applied across the fleet demonstrating savings allowing the Austrian Airlines Group to achieve levels of fuel consumption not even achieved by economical cars. In 2002 it took 2.91 kilograms of fuel per 100 passenger kilometers, by 2006 this had fallen to 2.84 kg.

By cleaning without chemicals residual waste volume is down by 50% since 2003. From 2006 aircraft components have been cleaned by the exclusive use of microbial agents, no chemicals are used, not even for the engines themselves. This concept is also applied at the new Head Office building at Vienna Airport.

The Austrian Airlines Group also participate actively with regional governments and local support groups on noise prevention measures. Working together the groups seek to establish the quietest flight corridors taking account of local residents and the environment.

Austrian will be publishing its environmental activities on the internet, in-depth, up-to-date information on the implementation of ecological measures can be found at