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Austrian to increase capacity with aircraft replacement

12th March 2008 Print
The Austrian Airlines Group is aiming at a reduction of the Canadair CRJ fleet in the medium-term, in order to partially replace these 50-seat aircraft with 80-100-seat aircraft. For this, a Canadair CRJ should be handed over and be replaced with an additional Fokker 100.

Furthermore, two Canadair CRJs and both of the currently oldest Dash 8-300s (OE-LTD and OE-LTF) will be disposed. In response to this, during the course of the summer, four Dash 8-400s should be taken over from Scandinavian Airlines, SAS.

These are aircraft that were delivered in 2001 and 2002 and have also been in use at SAS without any problem. Before the aircraft fly for Austrian arrows, they will be subjected to a detailed technical “phase-in” check and converted to the Austrian standard with maintenance costs totalling approx. EUR 1.5 million per aircraft. This also includes extensive modification and maintenance work on the landing gear, replacing components and work in the passenger cabin.

Chief Operations Officer, Dr. Peter Malanik, on the decision in favour of the Dash 8-400:

“Safety is the top priority for us and we do not make any compromises in this regard. The Dash 8-400 has proven to be a very reliable and safe turboprop, 120,000 take-offs and landings have been carried out without any problem. Safety depends mainly on the airline and how the type of aircraft is operated and maintained. The ‘Tyrolean Technik’ has extensive experience in turboprop maintenance and is a guarantor of safety, quality and reliability for us and our passengers.”

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