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Austrian to increase fuel surcharges from May 20

14th May 2008 Print
Due to the new record high in the kerosene purchase price, the Austrian Airlines Group is increasing its fuel surcharge for short- and medium-haul flights from the current level of EUR 17 to EUR 21. Fuel surcharges on long-haul routes also have to be increased, from EUR 77 to EUR 82.

These new charges apply to all tickets for flights operated by the Austrian Airlines Group sold or issued from 20 May onwards.

By making this adjustment, the company is reacting to the dramatic price increase in the purchase of Jet Fuel Rotterdam: in 2007, the average price level had risen to 709 US dollars per ton. This price trend continued unabated in 2008, with the latest peak, at 1,269 US dollars per ton, reached on 9 May 2008.