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Austrian ground staff agree to short-time working

18th March 2009 Print
In the current negotiations between the Austrian Airlines management board, the unions GPA-djp and vida and also the Austrian Airlines Works Council for Commercial and Technical Personnel, have announced an important agreement concerning short-time working for the employees in this field has been achieved.

The main foundations of the deal schedule a reduced working time of 80% and compensation of 90%, respectively 90 % working time at 95 % compensation. Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) funds are used to cover the differential to the greatest possible extent. Short-time working will initially last six months, with an option to extend this period. Some 2.600 employees will be comprised by this agreement. Considering a fair and social balance, the following jobholder groups are exempted: trainees, part-time workers (up to 50 % of normal working time), and employees with an income lower than 1.100 EUR.

Additionally, the negotiation partners have agreed upon a reduction of pension fund contributions by 75 % for one year and an extension of the current collective agreement by two months from 1 November 2009 until 31 December, 2009.

Dr. Peter Malanik and Dr. Andreas Bierwirth, members of the Austrian Airlines Executive Board, welcomed the result of the negotiations: “This agreement is a very important step towards overcoming the crisis. Short-time working will be comprehensively introduced from 1 April onwards, both to guarantee the widest possible equal treatment and to realise the urgently needed cuts in personnel costs. With this step, we have implemented a further effective measure of our crisis package. We will proceed with further negotiations with Austrian and Tyrolean cabin staff respectively their unions and Works Council efficiently.”

The Chair of the Austrian Airlines Ground Works Council, Alfred Junghans, is consistent with the negotiation results:

"With this package, we can safeguard jobs in Austria and also, we contribute a considerable share to overcome the crisis. It was important for us to find a constructive solution which considers social aspects and also avoids sustainable losses of income to the employees. We have succeeded in doing so. Now, we also expect a considerable contribution from the companies in our partnership system to preserve the Hub Vienna.

"Furthermore, we hope that passengers will choose the Austrian Airlines Group as preferred carrier and thereby support our measures to maintain and safeguard jobs in Austria.“

The negotiation results have been presented to the employees on Wednesday morning in a joint employee briefing by the Austrian Management Board and the Austrian Ground Works Council. Both parties are convinced that a responsible solution for a positive future of the company, the employees and in particular for the customers of Austrian Airlines has been achieved with this agreement.

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