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Spanair launches the Spanairx4 product

17th March 2008 Print
On 10 March Spanair launched its Spanairx4 product, which gives customers flying its domestic routes the option of choosing between four different flight classes: Business, Avant, Economy Plus and Economy. The company is thereby offering its passengers a time-saving product, which enhances flexibility and adds to the advantages offered by the four classes.

"This innovative concept sets Spanair apart from its competitors, since it is the only airline in Spain to offer a modern and versatile service, very attractive for business passengers, better adapted to the needs of passengers flying our extensive domestic network", state Sergio Allard, Spanair's Chief Commercial Officer. "We are sure that Spanairx4 will be welcomed by our passengers and we leave it to them to choose how they would like to fly", he adds.

Four different classes to meet customers' specific requirements:

Business Class -
Business Class offers a service of exclusivity and complete flexibility for changes of date, route, destination, name and cancellation with reimbursement, both before and after flight departure. Business Class passengers are offered a 30kg check-in allowance - 10kg more than Economy Plus and Economy classes, access to the Spanair Lounges, and preferential service on board, including a free catering service and national and local press, as well as blocking of the middle seat.

Avant -
Avant Class customers benefit from total flexibility with the same features as Business Class. Just like Business Class customers, passengers flying this class have a luggage allowance of 30kg, access to Spanair's Lounges, and are provided with a free catering service and national and local press. Blocking of the middle seat is not offered in this class.

Economy Plus -
Economy Plus Class offers a flexibility benefit allowing flight changes on the same day at no extra cost, as well as flight cancellations with reimbursement up to two days before the departure date, at an additional cost. Travellers choosing this class are also entitled to check in luggage weighing up to 20kg. Economy Plus Class offers an on board service for the purchase of drinks and snacks.

Economy -
Economy Class offers passengers the best price and allows them to check in up to 20kg of luggage at no extra charge. Economy Class offers also an on board service for the purchase of drinks and snacks.

Spanair passengers will have a range of check-in options in the four classes: online check-in via, as well as the services Mobile check-in accessed through, and Express Check-in using the airport machines, apart from keeping the traditional check-in, with exclusive check-in counters for the Business and Avant classes. The company also offers a telephone check-in service between 1 and 23 hours prior to the flight, for customers flying Business, Avant and Economy Plus classes.

With the aim of recognizing and rewarding the loyalty of its frequent fliers, Spanair is providing members of the Spanair Plus programme with an improved points table, increasing points for each domestic flight for Classes Economy Plus and Economy by 100 and 40 points respectively. Business Class fliers will receive 250 points and Avant Class 150 per flight. The company is doubling points in all four classes for Spanair flights to and from the Canary Islands.

The airline's Punctuality Guarantee will add value to its service concept on all scheduled domestic routes.

More information on Spanairx4 available at: