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Public Prosecutor discontinues preliminary investigation of SAS

29th May 2008 Print
The Public Prosecutor in Stockholm has decided to discontinue the preliminary investigation regarding suspicions of the crime of "creating danger to another person" in conjunction with the SAS accidents involving Dash 8 Q400 aircraft in Aalborg and Vilnius on September 9, 2007 and September 12, 2007, respectively.

"It is gratifying and logical that the prosecutor has now established that SAS did not act incorrectly in conjunction with the Q400 accidents," says Mats Jansson, CEO of SAS.

The prosecutor commenced a preliminary investigation in September 2007 to establish whether SAS exposed its passengers and employees to danger by operating flights using Dash 8 Q400 aircraft. SAS has assisted the prosecutor in all respects in the work of the preliminary investigation so as to ensure clarity in this case.

"Both the Danish Accident Investigation Board and the aircraft manufacturer have previously stated that the cause of the two incidents in question was a design fault that could not have been detected by SAS's maintenance program as approved by the authorities," says Mats Jansson.