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SAS chooses Europ Assistance Group

10th March 2009 Print
SAS has chosen the international technological Plug&Sell platform developed by the Europ Assistance Group to implement its tailor-made, multi-country, multi-channel travel insurance programme throughout the world.

Within the framework of this innovative agreement, using a unique connection to Plug&Sell - the Europ Assistance Group's comprehensive, personalised e-commerce solution for insurance and travel assistance products and services -, SAS will initially be distributing tailor-made insurance in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK, all major markets for the Scandinavian airline company.

At the same time, SAS will be able to use the innovative Plug&Sell technology - already deployed in over 20 countries by the companies in the Europ Assistance Group throughout the world - to distribute travel insurance offers via its own Web sites and call centres, using an extranet system.

This comprehensive agreement between SAS and the Europ Assistance Group, via AON, will also benefit several other companies in the SAS Group. Blue 1 and Wideroe will shortly be offering tailor-made travel insurance programmes, starting in Finland and Norway.

A genuine innovation in the travel insurance market, this international programme developed by the Europ Assistance Group via its Plug&Sell platform will also establish loyalty with SAS' customers, by offering them tailor-made travel insurance that factors in the country of residence, the reservation class, the passenger profile, the destination and the length of the trip.

Now, thanks to Europ Assistance Group, SAS is in a position to offer its passengers adapted, tailor-made cancellation and travel insurance guarantees, based on the particular features of each country and the characteristics of the trip and passenger profile.

For example, this innovative programme means that SAS can offer the best travel insurance product in the Danish market: one that perfectly complements the guarantees already included in Denmark's current social security cover.

This comprehensive international agreement enables SAS to consolidate its qualitative positioning in the air travel market by offering its customers solutions that are ideally adapted to their personal requirements for each trip.

It also demonstrates the Europ Assistance Group's dynamic energy and ability to innovate in providing long-term assistance to its customers all over the world, through comprehensive international offers that comply with local legislation on insurance and Internet sales.