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SWISS names a further Airbus A340 at Vaduz Castle

2nd October 2008 Print
One of the aircraft of the SWISS fleet now bears the name ‘Fürstentum Liechtenstein’. Airbus A340 HB-JMF was symbolically named last month at Vaduz Castle in the principality’s capital. HSH Princess Marie of Liechtenstein performed the naming in a ceremony that was also attended by members of the Liechtenstein government, the Swiss and Liechtenstein ambassadors, SWISS CEO Christoph Franz, numerous further guests and media representatives.

SWISS named a further aircraft of its long-haul fleet today. The symbolic naming of Airbus A340 ‘Fürstentum Liechtenstein’ was performed in the exclusive surroundings of Vaduz Castle in the principality’s capital. SWISS has been naming its aircraft after Swiss cities and towns under the new naming concept adopted in autumn 2006. Liechtenstein now becomes the first state to bestow its name.

“We are proud that the name of our country will now be carried all over the world on one of SWISS’s flagship aircraft,” said Her Serene Highness Princess Marie of Liechtenstein, who performed the naming act. “This underlines our reputation as a small state that is open to the world, as well as the close ties between Switzerland and our principality.”

“Liechtenstein and Switzerland have a very close relationship,” SWISS CEO Christoph Franz agreed. “Many Liechtensteiners use Zurich Airport for their air travel and fly SWISS. So as well as being Switzerland’s national carrier, we are in some senses Liechtenstein’s airline, too.”

HB-JMF is the seventh of SWISS’s 15 Airbus A340s to be named. As the longest-range aircraft in the SWISS fleet, the A340 is deployed on ultra-long intercontinental routes, to destinations such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and São Paulo.

The idea of naming a SWISS aircraft ‘Liechtenstein’ came from the principality’s local Swiss Association. The model Airbus A340 used in the naming ceremony, complete with its ‘Fürstentum Liechtenstein’ name, will now be ‘based’ at the Liechtenstein Center in Vaduz, providing a further visitor attraction. “We are very grateful to the Swiss Association for promoting this idea,” says Roland Büchel, managing director of Liechtenstein Tourism. “And our special thanks go to SWISS for making this wonderful gesture.”