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SWISS lowers fuel surcharges

22nd October 2008 Print
SWISS is substantially reducing its current fuel surcharges. The action is being taken in view of the decline in the prices of crude oil and jet fuel over the last few weeks, and despite the fact that average fuel prices for 2008 are still substantially above their levels of a year ago.

The SWISS fuel surcharge for long-haul flights will be reduced by CHF 26 to CHF 144 per sector; and SWISS’s fuel surcharge for European flights (which include services to Cairo and Tel Aviv) will be lowered by CHF 9 to CHF 36 per sector. In effecting these reductions, SWISS is keeping to the commitment it made in June to revoke its two latest fuel surcharge increases if the price of crude oil remained below USD 120 per barrel* for a 28-day period.

The new lower fuel surcharges will apply to all tickets for air travel originating in Switzerland which are issued from October 22 onwards.

* NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil