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Glengormley, Drains Bay & Muff - the jewels in Ireland’s crown

25th July 2007 Print
The new ads have got people all over the North of England asking “what is there to do at Drain’s Bay, where the chuff is Muff and what is a great night out like in Glengormley?”

Although the Northern Ireland versions of the ads have only been aired on Ulster TV, the interest has meant they have also been posted onto Youtube so anyone can sneak a peek: wouldn’t like you to miss out on discovering these places, so here is a bit of info to tempt you to cross the Irish sea on a flight and discover them for yourselves.

For example, the annual Muff festival, in the small town of Muff, County Donegal, is renowned in the North West of Ireland for its crazy goings on and revelry.

From 3-6th August 2007 the town will become alive with a carnival atmosphere and street parties as the locals let their hair down. The festival includes unmissable events such as a Lorry Pulling competition in the car park of the Squealin’Pig Pub, digger races, fancy dress and even features a Dukes of Hazard Police Car with Sherrif Rosco P Coltrane making an appearance. Rival teams compete for the illustrious trophies, making merry as they do so.

The pubs are packed with revellers and you may find some transformed into impromptu courts of law, where you will need to compete with the renowned Irish blarney and talk your way out of being fined. The festival really is a good way to cheer the spirits, no matter what the weather is doing and it is even free! Many tourists also come to pick up a souvenir ‘I love Muff’ t-shirt.

Glengormley in the borough of Newtownabbey, approximately 6 miles from Belfast, was once home to Debbie Magee, the wife of Paul Daniels. His catchphrase "You'll like this; not a lot, but you'll like it" doesn’t do justice to Glengormley: the name is taken from the Irish Gaelic ‘gleann gorm liath’ meaning ‘Blue Grey Glen’ and the town is a popular residential area.

Drains Bay has a very popular sandy beach and makes a great day out with your bucket, spade and deckchair. It also gives you access to the 473 acres of Carnfunnock Country Park which has a range of events and attractions to suit all ages, including the chance to lose yourself in a maze the shape of Northern Ireland.

Fly to Belfast from Blackpool or Leeds from £14.99 (one way including tax) and make your own minds up!

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