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Experience Viking wars in York this February

28th January 2008 Print
Watch out - the Vikings are coming back to York! Between 13th and 17th February the Viking Festival will take place in the historic city of York. There will be over 100 specially organised arts, music, drama and action events taking place, many of which are free of charge.

If you’ve ever wanted to look like you have just returned, bloodied but victorious from a fearsome Viking battle you can even get your own war wounds painted on and frighten your friends and family.

Visitors will be able to witness the Vikings as they carry out combat drills and displays in anticipation of the ferocious and bloody festival battle which takes place on Saturday 16th February, and a chance to see weaponry from films such as Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. For something a little more civilised, the Viking settlement on Coppergate Square will provide the opportunity for onlookers to make Viking arts and crafts, or listen to the Vikings as they recount tales from their travels.

For more info on the events visit

You can catch a flight with, after which a direct bus can take you from the airport to York – see for more info.