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18th December 2008 Print
As part of its new brand strategy, the North’s leading tour operator,, has linked with a renowned music producer to create a nostalgic ‘sonic’ to accompany its broadcast and online marketing.

Better known for his previous work with comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, Simon White, head of creative solutions at Galaxy Yorkshire based in Leeds, produced the unique sonic in conjunction with Spike, the musical arm of Mezzo Films, using a range of sounds and vocals that aim to encapsulate people’s holiday memories.

The new sonic logo is an individual piece of music, specifically created for and owned by, which can be used across all media outlets, including TV, radio and Internet across the UK and Ireland.

Simon White from Galaxy Yorkshire said: “A sonic is basically a description for anything relating to an audible sound, but in my case involves using my creativity to produce unique music tags that give companies their own musical identity.

“We searched through various source material, including Sigur Ros, which we thought would appeal to’s audiences and created a truly ‘epic sound’.

“During its development, we opted for instrumentation and melodies which evoked nostalgic childhood memories – which are arguably the most compelling for all of us when recalling holidays. Inspired by the likes of Regina Spektor, a ‘quirky’ vocal became the hook “

“The result is a two and a half minute piece of music, which incorporates the final ‘quirk’ - a short sting which forms the core of the piece, but can be used in isolation as well. This will be the sound logo for the brand throughout its campaign.”

Jodie Harris, Marketing Manager at, added: “We are really pleased with the final sonic logo that will give a clearly recognisable audio identity.

“Not only does it sound great across each of our marketing media, but it is extremely emotive and has captured the memories and nostalgia we all associate with an enjoyable holiday.”

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