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A taste to remember with Air France

25th June 2009 Print
A taste to remember with Air France Since the beginning of June, passengers travelling in the La Première and Affaires cabins have been enjoying their wine in a new wine glass. These unique wine glasses, designed for Air France in collaboration with Olivier Poussier, Best Sommelier and Air France wine consultant, were developed from wine-tasting glasses used by professionals.

Meeting taste requirements and suitable for service on board, this new stemless glass, with a curved appearance, allows the flavour to flood out and improves the adherence capacity of the tannins on the glass surface.

By providing a large oxygenation surface, which helps aerate the wine, all the flavours come through. The fineness and delicacy of the crystalline glass gives makes it a pleasure to hold and, of course, to drink.

This glass enables passengers to really appreciate the complementarities of flavours, making wine-drinking on board a real moment of pleasure "à la française".

To complement this glass dedicated to wines and Champagne, two other glasses have been designed to ensure the harmony of the range:

- a larger glass for water and non-alcoholic drinks,
- a smaller glass for liqueurs.

Renewed every two months, Air France’s wine list includes various vintages such as the Château Gruaud Larose 2004 (2nd Saint-Julien grand cru classé), the Château Suduiraut 1996 (first Sauternes grand cru classé) and the Nuits-Saint-Georges 2005 for lovers of Bourgogne.

Every year, Air France serves 870,000 bottles of wine in the La Première and Affaires cabins and close to a million bottles of Champagne in all cabin classes.

To enjoy the wine served on board at home, Air France offers its customers living in France the possibility of purchasing some of the wines served on board online at

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A taste to remember with Air France