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Air France, KLM and Westjet launch interline relationship

27th July 2009 Print
Following the interline agreement signed on February 4th, Air France, KLM and WestJet announced that, as of today, the 2 European companies will offer interline itineraries that connect their passengers into WestJet’s Canadian network.

Initially, connections will be made through the gateways of Calgary and Vancouver, with the option to continue on to Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton.

“This announcement marks WestJet’s successful first step in our strategic partnership with Air France and KLM,” commented Dr. Hugh Dunleavy, WestJet Executive Vice-President of Commercial Distribution. “Starting with only three Canadian cities allows us to take a measured and thoughtful approach to implementation, with the intent to expand this travel to our entire Canadian network. We are pleased to have the capabilities in place to start this interline relationship and excited to work with Air France and KLM.”

This interline agreement allows guests to board an Air France or KLM flight and travel on one itinerary to their final destination in WestJet’s network. This is an important strategic move, prior to the airlines potentially broadening their relationship with a reciprocal interline agreement and a code-sharing agreement.

This announcement supports WestJet’s strategy to increase connectivity, bring additional travellers to its network and offer more access for its guests to new destinations, while allowing Air France and KLM a great opportunity to strengthen their position in Canada.