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Air France launches new Premium Voyageur destinations

9th September 2009 Print
Air France launches new Premium Voyageur destinations In April 2009, Air France started selling the first tickets in the Premium Voyageur cabin on daily flights to New York (first flight on 25 October) and Tokyo (first flight on 16 November). Air France customers can now book seats in the Premium Voyageur cabin on flights to Beirut and Singapore for travel as from 28 December 2009 and to Beijing and Hong Kong as from 18 January 2010.

Air France will also be offering a second daily flight equipped with the Premium Voyageur cabin to New York (daily departures from Paris at 8:25 am and 7:10 pm) starting on 8 December 2009 and Tokyo (daily departures from Paris at 1:30 pm and 11:25 pm), starting on 7 December 2009.

The Premium Voyageur cabin will gradually be extended to more flights and will be available on the entire Air France international long-haul network served by Boeing 777s, Airbus A340s and A330s by the end of 2010.

The Premium Voyageur cabin offers its passengers a very high level of comfort, with:

- 40% additional space compared with economy class, with on average 22 Premium Voyageur seats available over a surface area which used to occupy 40 economy seats.

- Greater personal space with a fixed-shell seat, which reclines to 123°. The 48 cm seat width, 10 cm leather armrests and 97 cm seat pitch for extra legroom offers optimum comfort. Air France is the first European airline to offer a fixed-shell seat in an intermediary cabin.

- Highly competitive fares to all destinations on offer.

- A full-fare ticket in the Premium Voyageur cabin (which is modifiable and refundable) will earn passengers 25% additional Flying Blue miles compared with a full-fare ticket in the economy cabin.

The Premium Voyageur range of fares to these new destinations is particularly attractive and adapted to small and medium-sized businesses.

Some examples of Premium Voyageur fares* to these new destinations:

* Paris - Beirut return from 1,179 euros including tax
* Paris - Singapore return from 1,456 euros including tax
* Paris - Beijing return from 1,652 euros including tax
* Paris - Hong Kong return from 1,657 euros including tax
* Paris - New York return from 1,038 euros including tax
* Paris - Tokyo return from 1,658 euros including tax

*These fares may be subject to modifications. Fares including tax calculated based on taxes applicable on 2 September 2009.

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Air France launches new Premium Voyageur destinations