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Air France to offer employees voluntary redundancy plan

9th September 2009 Print
The activity of Air France during recent months has been presented to the Comité Central d’Entreprise (Workers’ Council) at an extraordinary meeting.

In view of the difficult economic environment, Air France has adopted a strategy of significant capacity reduction in its passenger activity, of the order of 5%, enabling it to improve its load factor. Elsewhere, the company is preparing a reorganization of its medium-haul business in terms of both network and product.

With regard to cargo, which has been severely impacted by the steep decline in world trade, a restructuring plan is underway, including a much more significant reduction in capacity (of some 15%), also aimed at improving the load factor.

To adapt to these lower activity levels, the company has communicated to the CCE its intention to implement a voluntary redundancy plan, in line with the majority agreement signed in July 2009. The timetable and terms of the plan, which could involve around 1,500 jobs, will be the subject of discussions as early as next week, with a view to presenting a project voluntary redundancy plan to the CCE on October 21st.